Bowling for Yorkshire in 1949

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R Aspinall79932289307-469.63 41
ES Barraclough144103411-1834.00 00
DB Close653429127031056-4725.74 60
A Coxon552223821001016-3620.79 51
CW Foord111531520165-3532.50 10
H Halliday6343124272-1234.57 00
L Hutton5882826373-2337.57 00
WG Keighley24090    
E Leadbeater8172842783-9753.37 00
EI Lester906260    
FA Lowson180150    
FP McHugh3541314742-1636.75 00
A Mason27871641038375-5628.05 10
EP Robinson42292401458465-3131.69 10
GA Smithson180270    
WHH Sutcliffe12216822-3934.00 00
FS Trueman140149719318-7023.19 10
JH Wardle636140422131007-4122.13 125
W Watson12070    
JP Whitehead82231325144-1523.21 00
JV Wilson420250    
NWD Yardley2100106689213-3132.80 00

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