Bowling for Yorkshire in 1896

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JT Brown70419509163-1631.81 00
D Denton250616975-4224.14 10
S Haigh29332011289848-3515.34 83
GH Hirst49303352234988-5922.79 50
FS Jackson2334163929444-3021.11 00
FW Milligan156893783364-1421.75 00
R Moorhouse200912221-361.00 00
JT Mounsey604310    
R Peel594045020911088-2719.36 73
J Shaw4603218174-11925.85 00
E Smith77848386225-2717.54 20
J Tunnicliffe151100    
E Wainwright446928319841028-3419.45 62
CEM Wilson25390    

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