Highest Partnerships Against Nottinghamshire By Oxford University

1120 AM Crawley & DN MooreTrent Bridge, Nottingham1930f13154
2126 DN Moore & Nawab of PataudiTrent Bridge, Nottingham1930f13154
3136 AC Walton & MJK SmithThe University Parks, Oxford1956f21292
4130*SC Ecclestone & WS KendallThe University Parks, Oxford1994f41072
5115 RL Burchnall & PRB WilsonThe University Parks, Oxford1968f27236
688 JAG Fulton & RD HudsonThe University Parks, Oxford1997f43121
767*RD Hudson & CM PatelThe University Parks, Oxford1997f43121
853 MGM Groves & AGM WatsonThe University Parks, Oxford1965f25714
979 NM Ford & CKH Hill-WoodThe University Parks, Oxford1929f12663
1026 JFN Mayhew & JH NevinsonTrent Bridge, Nottingham1930f13154




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