Most Innings in a Season for Middlesex

60JDB Robertson1955
59WJ Edrich1955
59PH Parfitt1961
59RA Gale1961
58JDB Robertson1952
58WE Russell1960
57SM Brown1952
56JDB Robertson1956
56FJ Titmus1961
56WE Russell1961
56WE Russell1964
55WJ Edrich1952
55RA Gale1959
54HW Lee1929
54SM Brown1947
54D Bennett1955
53HW Lee1930
53FJ Titmus1957
53JDB Robertson1957
53RA Gale1958
53PH Parfitt1959
53WE Russell1963
53PH Parfitt1966
52NE Haig1930
52JDB Robertson1946
52SM Brown1953
52JDB Robertson1954
52WJ Edrich1956
52FJ Titmus1959
52WE Russell1959
52RW Hooker1959
52EA Clark1961
52RA Gale1962
52WE Russell1965
51NE Haig1929
51WFF Price1934
51SM Brown1946
51JT Murray1956
51JT Murray1957
51RA Gale1957
51PH Parfitt1960
51EA Clark1964
51PH Parfitt1968
50HW Lee1933
50WJ Edrich1957
50JT Murray1959
50WE Russell1962
50WE Russell1968



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