First-class Bowling in Zimbabwe for 1985/86 (Ordered by Average)

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RD Brown (Zim)6040    
SL Saunders241220    
MA Meman (Zim)660430    
GA Hick (Zim)1085430    
AH Omarshah (Zim)1087460    
CJ Cox (Zim)1081730    
PL Taylor (NSW)36116172135-3913.2310
DR Gilbert40814215157-4314.3321
MD O'Neill (NSW)9643722-1918.5000
MR Whitney (NSW)3411512763-3721.1600
PWE Rawson (Zim)90635433185-5624.0520
RG Holland (NSW)4742424194-7126.7700
IP Butchart (Zim)51012302113-5327.4500
EA Brandes (Zim)258717563-3829.1600
BA Reid3521217764-9129.5000
RL Brown13449033-9030.0000
RP Done (NSW)264618264-5430.3300
KM Curran (Zim)4862024583-6130.6200
MP Jarvis (Zim)16247521-3137.5000
SR Waugh12528522-5742.5000
AJ Traicos (Zim)7023128363-7847.1600
AIC Dodemaide3221214332-2747.6600
ME Waugh (NSW)2581411021-2555.0000





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