BOP Fernando and FDM Karunaratne to open the batting
14:32 GMT: Start of innings
DT Tiripano comes on to bowl
0b10Tiripano to Fernando
fuller outside off, pushes it to leg side
0b23short ball on off, punches it to sweeper cover
0b30Tiripano to Karunaratne
short ball outside off, cuts it and misses it
0b41full on leg stump, glances it to fine leg
0b50Tiripano to Fernando
short outside off, left alone
0b60just outside off, defends it to short cover
End of over 1:(4 runs scored) Sri Lanka 4-0 (Fernando 3*, 4 balls, Karunaratne 1*, 2 balls)

VM Nyauchi comes on to bowl
1b10Nyauchi to Karunaratne
short ball on off, blocks it to off side
1b22short ball on off, slaps it to sweeper cover
1b30fuller outside off, plays and misses it
1b40short ball on off, plays it to leg side for a blob
1b54Four!! just outside off, drills it to sweeper cover for four
1b60on a length on off, plays it to leg side for a blob
End of over 2:(6 runs scored) Sri Lanka 10-0 (Fernando 3*, 4 balls, Karunaratne 7*, 8 balls)
2b11Tiripano to Fernando
short ball on leg stump, tucks it to fine leg
2b20Tiripano to Karunaratne
fullish outside off, pushes it to off side
2b30fuller around off, blocks it to short cover for no run
2b42fuller on off, flicks it to deep square leg for a brace
Scores are level now...
2b50pitched up on off, leans forward and turns it to midwicket for no run
2b61full in length and just outside off, smoothers it through covers and gets an easy single
End of over 3:(4 runs scored) Sri Lanka 14-0 (Fernando 4*, 5 balls, Karunaratne 10*, 13 balls)
14:42 GMT: End of innings
End of the match: Sri Lanka won by 10 wickets
Man of the match: AD Mathews
15:04 GMT: Sri Lanka have won the match and lead the 2-match series 1-0. This Test match for the most part moved at a snail's pace but in the end, it reached its conclusion right in the final hour. Sri Lanka found a hero for every innings. It was Lasith Embuldeniya in the first with a five-wicket-haul, Angelo Mathews in the second with a double ton and Suranga Lakmal in the third with a brilliant spell this morning that opened up the game for his side. Angelo Mathews was declared the Man of the Match. This is all we have for you today, please join us tomorro on Monday for the 2nd and last Test between these two teams at 08:00GMT. Till then, goodbye...!
15:04 GMT: End of the session's play
15:04 GMT: Close of play for the day