57b10MKPAD Perera to Brathwaite
back of length and on off, defends it to leg side
57b21fuller on off, pushes it to long off
57b34MKPAD Perera to Holder
Four!! pitched up and on off, drills it to long on for four
57b40comes on the front foot and blocks it to off side
57b50on off and middle stump, blocks it to leg side
57b61full ball on off, drives it to long on for a single
End of over 58:(6 runs scored) West Indies 137-5 (Brathwaite 54*, 165 balls, Holder 14*, 12 balls)
19:47 GMT: Rain stops play
19:48 GMT: The uninvited Guest..! Rain is back, so the covers. The players are rushing off the field...
21:10 GMT: Play resumes
58b11Lakmal to Holder
good length and on off, clips i to deep midwicket
58b20Lakmal to Brathwaite
fuller on off, pushes it to off side for no run
58b30on off stump, blocks it to off side
58b42fuller on middle stump, clips it to square leg for a brace
58b54bshort down the leg side, plays and misses
58b62fuller on off stump, pushes it to long off for a brace
End of over 59:(9 runs scored) West Indies 146-5 (Brathwaite 58*, 170 balls, Holder 15*, 13 balls)
CBRLS Kumara comes on to bowl
59b10Kumara to Holder
good length and outside off, leaves it alone
59b20fuller outside off, leaves it alone
59b30back of length on off, blocks it down the wicket
59b40fuller outside off, plays and misses it completely
59b50good length and outside off, shoulders arms at it
59b60fuller on off, pushes it to mid on
End of over 60:(0 runs scored) West Indies 146-5 (Brathwaite 58*, 170 balls, Holder 15*, 19 balls)
60b10Lakmal to Brathwaite
short ball on off, works it to off side
60b21full ball on leg stump, plays it to leg side for one run
60b30Lakmal to Holder
back of length and seaming in, Holder tries to push it but misses, the ball hits Holder and he falls down at the crease. Physio is out to attend him
21:13 GMT: Bad light stops play
21:14 GMT: The players are going off the field. Bad light stops play
21:52 GMT: Play resumes
Last over 61:(1 run scored) West Indies 147-5 (Brathwaite 59*, 172 balls, Holder 15*, 20 balls)
21:52 GMT: End of innings
End of the match: Match drawn
21:52 GMT: End of the session's play
Man of the match: ST Gabriel
21:55 GMT: So, The match has been drawn. A Test match that included some fantastic performances, Gabriel's sensational 13-wicket haul including an 8-fer in the second innings and Chandimal's excellent performace, a hundred on a tough first day pitch.
22:00 GMT: Both the teams showed their class, both the teams did effort well to win the match, no matter what the result is. Shannon Gabriel was declared the Man of the Match for his tremendous bowling performance. This is all we have for you today. Hope you enjoyed the coverage, I certainly enjoyed bringing it to you. Please do not forget to join us on Saturday for the 3rd and last Test between these two teams at 18:00GMT. Till then, goodbye...!
22:00 GMT: Close of play for the day