Most Wickets in an Innings for Railways

9-7Ahad Khan v Dera Ismail KhanRailways Moghalpura Institute Ground, Lahore1964/65f25558
8-42Ahad Khan v Lahore Education BoardRailways Moghalpura Institute Ground, Lahore1964/65f25577
8-45Arif Butt v SargodhaRailways Carson Institute Ground, Lahore1972/73f29427
8-68Nadeem Ghauri v Habib Bank LimitedLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore1984/85f35650
8-99Mohammad Nazir v National Bank of PakistanPindi Club Ground, Rawalpindi1987/88f37437
7-14Afaq Khan v Dera Ismail KhanRailways Moghalpura Institute Ground, Lahore1964/65f25558
7-18Iqtidar Haider v Pakistan Air ForceRailways Stadium, Lahore1969/70f27955
7-25Arif Butt v North-West Frontier ProvincePeshawar Club Ground, Peshawar1973/74f30012
7-29Nazir Khan v PeshawarRailways Stadium, Lahore1969/70f27974
7-30Manzoor Elahi v MultanRailways Moghalpura Institute Ground, Lahore1961/62f24036
7-33Arif Butt v PunjabRailways Stadium, Lahore1973/74f30025
7-35Mohammad Nazir v KarachiNational Stadium, Karachi1981/82f33805
7-38Iftikhar Masood v LahoreRailways Carson Institute Ground, Lahore1958/59f22525
7-38Nadeem Ghauri v Zone ANiaz Stadium, Hyderabad1985/86f36251
7-41Ahad Khan v SindNational Stadium, Karachi1972/73f29567
7-43Mohammad Nazir v Lahore BGaddafi Stadium, Lahore1974/75f30324
7-49Ahad Khan v Pakistan UniversitiesPunjab University Ground, Lahore1973/74f29900
7-59Inayatullah v United Bank LimitedLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore1980/81f33488
7-60Afzaal Butt v Industrial Development Bank of PakistanPunjab University Ground, Lahore1981/82f33843
7-60Shahid Butt v Lahore CityLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore1982/83f34410
7-62Mohammad Nazir v Pakistan Automobiles CorporationGaddafi Stadium, Lahore1984/85f35692
7-66Mohammad Nazir v House Building Finance CorporationIqbal Stadium, Faisalabad1987/88f37449
7-69Nadeem Ghauri v Pakistan Automobiles CorporationIqbal Stadium, Faisalabad1985/86f36290
7-74Mohammad Nazir v Allied Bank LimitedRailways Stadium, Lahore1982/83f34299
7-75Mohammad Nazir v National Bank of PakistanLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore1982/83f34556
7-90Mohammad Nazir v Pakistan UniversitiesGaddafi Stadium, Lahore1977/78f31766
7-114Nazir Khan v National Bank of PakistanGaddafi Stadium, Lahore1974/75f30347
7-169Aamer Wasim v Pakistan National Shipping CorporationIbn-e-Qasim Bagh Stadium, Multan1995/96f41932





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