Lowest Total for Quetta Bears Against Each Team

136Quetta v AbbottabadGohati Cricket Stadium, Swabi2013/14f55317
50Quetta v BahawalpurBahawal Stadium, Bahawalpur1959/60f23042
107Quetta v FaisalabadIqbal Stadium, Faisalabad2008/09f51299
163Quetta v HyderabadMunicipal Sports Complex, Mirpur Khas2008/09f51436
155Quetta Bears v Hyderabad HawksNiaz Stadium, Hyderabad2014/15f55880
94Quetta v IslamabadDiamond Club Ground, Islamabad2008/09f51402
70Quetta v Karachi BluesNational Stadium, Karachi1983/84f34847
45Quetta v Karachi WhitesNational Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex, Karachi2013/14f55082
268Quetta Bears v Karachi ZebrasNational Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex, Karachi2014/15f55906
45Quetta v Khan Research LaboratoriesKhan Research Laboratories Ground, Rawalpindi2010/11f52862
157Quetta v LahoreSheikhupura Stadium, Sheikhupura2003/04f47851
109Quetta v Lahore BluesGaddafi Stadium, Lahore2004/05f48342
142Quetta Bears v Lahore EaglesLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore2014/15f55865
106Quetta v Lahore RaviLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore2012/13f54497
130Quetta v Lahore ShalimarBugti Stadium, Quetta2007/08f50288
156Quetta v Lahore WhitesSheikhupura Stadium, Sheikhupura2004/05f48310
51Quetta v MultanMultan Cricket Club Ground, Multan1958/59f22536
98Quetta v National Bank of PakistanKarachi Gymkhana Ground, Karachi1978/79f32494
137Quetta v Pakistan CustomsAyub National Stadium, Quetta1974/75f30314
51Quetta v PeshawarArbab Niaz Stadium, Peshawar2008/09f51365
122Quetta v Public Works DepartmentNational Stadium, Karachi1974/75f30322
128Quetta v RailwaysRailways Moghalpura Institute Ground, Lahore1962/63f24680
41Quetta v RawalpindiMarghzar Cricket Ground, Islamabad2008/09f51423
92Quetta v SialkotJinnah Stadium, Sialkot2008/09f51319
195Quetta v Sui Northern Gas Pipelines LimitedGaddafi Stadium, Lahore2007/08f50539
277Quetta v United Bank LimitedNational Ground, Islamabad2011/12f53536
148Quetta v Hyderabad BluesRacecourse Ground, Quetta1969/70f27899
248Quetta v Karachi ANational Stadium, Karachi1962/63f24552
30Quetta v Karachi BBVS Parsi School Ground, Karachi1957/58f21993
219Quetta v Karachi HarbourUnited Bank Limited Sports Complex, Karachi2005/06f48903
70Quetta v Karachi UniversityKarachi Parsi Institute Ground, Karachi1965/66f26181
70Quetta v Karachi UniversityNational Stadium, Karachi1967/68f27100
66Quetta v KhairpurMunicipal Stadium, Sukkur1958/59f22504
144Quetta v Lahore City BluesRacecourse Ground, Quetta1983/84f34823
151Quetta v Pakistan International Airlines BKarachi Parsi Institute Ground, Karachi1973/74f29862
289Quetta v Pakistan SteelSteel Mills Ground, Karachi1986/87f36746
68Quetta v Punjab ARacecourse Ground, Quetta1957/58f22000
112Quetta v State Bank of PakistanKhan Research Laboratories Ground, Rawalpindi2010/11f52747
150Quetta v SukkurRacecourse Ground, Quetta1975/76f30769





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