Lowest Career Bowling Economy Rate for Ireland Women in Women's ODI matches

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(Qualification: 400 balls bowled)
  Balls Mdns Runs Wkts BB Econ 4wI 5wI
S Bray2068101743355-272.1511
C O'Neill2176751028454-102.832-
BM McDonald2876851445544-83.012-
J Herbison143443733213-293.06--
E Owens1948441013293-243.12--
MP Moore76016410133-163.23--
AMF McDonald6061032962-183.25--
GM Clancy6001432952-403.29--
CMA Shillington74624412203-343.31--
EAJ Richardson108122604205-133.35-1
SA Owens5161229673-313.44--
ME Grealey2803621699382-53.63--
JA Whelan122821790293-73.85--
IMHC Joyce3118552010664-203.863-
HE Whelan1847451197313-143.88--
SA Young138030916324-243.981-
CJ Metcalfe2381361620605-184.0831
LN McCarthy113014817174-184.331-
KJ Garth104416780234-114.481-
EJ Tice501238083-314.55--
MT Herbert456337272-204.89--
LA O'Reilly416634482-664.96--
LK Delany6354525133-304.96--
AJ Kenealy6725609164-325.431-
GH Lewis6532705102-416.47--

The list shows the top 25 occurrences





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