Highest Team Totals for Sussex

742-5dSussex v SomersetCounty Ground, Taunton2009f51707
705-8dSussex v SurreyCentral Recreation Ground, Hastings1902f5904
686-8Sussex v LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester1900f5399
670-9dSussex v NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Hove1921f9992
668Sussex v DurhamThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove2017f57902
644Sussex v SomersetCounty Ground, Taunton2002f46690
631-4dSussex v NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton1938f16258
631-6dSussex v HampshireCounty Ground, Hove2002f46750
620-9dSussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester2009f51615
619-7dSussex v NottinghamshireCricket Field Road, Horsham2003f47297
618Sussex v KentCounty Ground, Hove2004f48052
614-4dSussex v LeicestershireCounty Ground, Hove2003f47431
612Sussex v EssexCastle Park Cricket Ground, Colchester2003f47392
611Sussex v EssexCounty Ground, Leyton1905f6686
601-6dSussex v WarwickshireEdgbaston, Birmingham2015f56450
600-7dSussex v SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1903f6243
597-7dSussex v LeicestershireCounty Ground, Hove1938f16308
597-8dSussex v YorkshireCounty Ground, Hove2007f50200
592Sussex v Cambridge UniversityCounty Ground, Hove1895f4263
591Sussex v EssexCounty Ground, Hove1993f40664
579-8dSussex v SurreyCounty Ground, Hove1904f6428
579-8dSussex v WorcestershireThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove2017f57915
576-3dSussex v DerbyshireCricket Field Road, Horsham2010f52535
571-5dSussex v Cambridge UniversityCounty Ground, Hove1901f5605
571-9dSussex v NorthamptonshireTown Ground, Kettering1928f12440
566Sussex v YorkshireBramall Lane, Sheffield1937f15717
565Sussex v NottinghamshireThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove2017f58040
563Sussex v LancashireOld Trafford, Manchester1992f40131
562Sussex v NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1959f22885
562Sussex v WarwickshireCricket Field Road, Horsham2004f47985
561Sussex v SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1899f5143
560-5dSussex v YorkshireCounty Ground, Hove1901f5699
560-9dSussex v KentCentral Recreation Ground, Hastings1930f13270
560-5dSussex v NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham2006f49527
559Sussex v SomersetCounty Ground, Taunton1896f4543
558-8dSussex v YorkshirePark Avenue Cricket Ground, Bradford1903f6097
558Sussex v Cambridge UniversityCounty Ground, Hove1904f6377
557Sussex v LeicestershireAylestone Road, Leicester1901f5579
554Sussex v KentCentral Recreation Ground, Hastings1936f15523
552-7dSussex v HampshireUnited Services Ground, Portsmouth1904f6473
552Sussex v KentCentral Recreation Ground, Hastings1937f15907
552Sussex v GloucestershireAshley Down Ground, Bristol1946f17245
552-6dSussex v GloucestershireChichester Priory Park, Chichester1949f18254
552-8dSussex v DurhamCounty Ground, Hove1996f42447
552-5dSussex v GlamorganThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove2016f57158
552Sussex v DurhamArundel Castle Cricket Club Ground, Arundel2018f58715
550-9dSussex v MiddlesexCounty Ground, Hove1980f33215
550Sussex v YorkshireArundel Castle Cricket Club Ground, Arundel2006f49429
549-9dSussex v New ZealandersCounty Ground, Hove1931f13690
549-7dSussex v BangladeshisCounty Ground, Hove2005f48675
548Sussex v West IndiansCounty Ground, Hove1933f14431
548-4dSussex v YorkshireThe PROBIZ County Ground, Hove2011f53256
546Sussex v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Hove1933f14180
546-5dSussex v WarwickshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1937f15779
545Sussex v WarwickshireCounty Ground, Hove2003f47329
542-9dSussex v SurreyCounty Ground, Hove1903f6142
540-6dSussex v GlamorganThe Saffrons, Eastbourne1938f16343
539-7dSussex v KentCounty Ground, Hove1901f5718
539Sussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, Hove1920f9618
538Sussex v EssexCounty Ground, Leyton1928f12539
537Sussex v HampshireCounty Ground, Hove1930f13205
537-6dSussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1935f14898
537Sussex v MiddlesexCounty Ground, Hove2003f47414
536Sussex v Cambridge UniversityCounty Ground, Hove1909f7719
536Sussex v SurreyCounty Ground, Hove1932f13881
532Sussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, Hove2007f50220
530-9dSussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, Hove1908f7503
530-6dSussex v DurhamCounty Ground, Hove2006f49493
528Sussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, Hove1901f5535
527-7dSussex v Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing ExcellenceFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge2009f51556
527Sussex v GloucestershireThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove2016f57212
526Sussex v SomersetCounty Ground, Hove1900f5340
526-4dSussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1914f9111
526Sussex v SurreyThe Kia Oval, Kennington2013f54815
525-4dSussex v SomersetCounty Ground, Hove1896f4435
524Sussex v HampshireCounty Ground, Southampton1975f30732
523Sussex v EssexCounty Ground, Leyton1919f9465
522Sussex v NorthamptonshireCentral Recreation Ground, Hastings1920f9738
522Sussex v MiddlesexLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood2005f48778
521-7dSussex v NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Hove1930f13036
520Sussex v EssexCounty Ground, Leyton1902f5881
519Sussex v LeicestershireCricket Field Road, Horsham1921f9961
518Sussex v SomersetCounty Ground, Hove1895f4242
517Sussex v DurhamCricket Field Road, Horsham2007f50133
516-8dSussex v NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1928f12247
515-6dSussex v SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1908f7510
515Sussex v WarwickshireCricket Field Road, Horsham1927f11991
512-3dSussex v MiddlesexCounty Ground, Hove1933f14371
512-8dSussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester2007f50085
511-7dSussex v WarwickshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1932f13912
510Sussex v KentCounty Ground, Hove2007f50023
510-5dSussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester2015f56514
508-9dSussex v HampshireCounty Ground, Hove1904f6455
507Sussex v MiddlesexJohn Walker's Ground, Southgate2006f49453
506-5dSussex v NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham2013f54886
505Sussex v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1934f14671
505-9dSussex v DurhamThe Brighton and Hove Jobs County Ground, Hove2014f55634
503-7dSussex v KentCounty Ground, Hove1902f5988
501Sussex v MiddlesexCounty Ground, Hove1901f5706
501-5dSussex v LeicestershireCentral Recreation Ground, Hastings1939f16691
500-7dSussex v HampshireThe Rose Bowl, Southampton2001f45868





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