Highest Percentage of Team's Runs over Career for Canada in ODI matches

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Qualification: 20 matches
  M Runs Team Runs Avge % of Team Runs
A Bagai6219641178337.7616.66
AM Samad27740558929.6013.24
JM Davison32799609226.6313.11
Rizwan Cheema33764632924.6412.07
H Patel23468403321.2711.60
GEF Barnett22455401120.6811.34
DR Chumney21397379620.8910.45
S Dhaniram44915884724.7210.34
AS Hansra24421425223.389.90
AA Mulla24482540520.088.91
ZE Surkari23328403317.268.13
Umar Bhatti36378721017.185.24
HS Baidwan32220595114.663.69
Khurram Chauhan25169469013.003.60
H Osinde426482444.260.77

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