United States of America Players (L)


Lewis (Staten Island Cricket Club)
Lewis (Newark)
Lewis (Brooklyn)
Lewis (Merion Third XI)
Lewis (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
Lewis (New Haven)
Lewis (Cameron)
Lewis (St George's Club of Chicago)
Lewis (Chelsea Club)
Lewis (Manhattan Wanderers)
Lewis (Lawrence)
Lewis (University of Pennsylvania Second XI)
Lewis (Tioga)
Lewis (University)
Lewis (Jersey City)
Lewis (Boston)
Lewis (Lynn Wanderers)
Lewis (West Indian International)
Lewis (West India Club)
Lewis (Windsor)
Lewis (Friends' Select School)
Lewis (England)
Lewis (West Indian Wanderers)
Lewis (West India Club A, West India Club B)
Lewis (Stanford's XI)
Lewis (Manhattan)
Lewis (Bryn Mawr)
Lewis (Excelsior)
Lewis (Edward VII)
Lewis (Athletics)
Lewis (Windsor Minors)
Lewis (California Club)
Lewis(a) (West Indian Wanderers)
A Lewis (West Indian)
A Lewis (Sussex Cricket Club)
A Lewis (Kings County)
A Lewis (Manhattan Second XI)
A Lewis (Excelsior)
A Lewis (River Valley)
A Lewis (North Province)
A Lewis (Barbados)
A Lewis (Germantown British Americans)
A Lewis (BWIA International)
A Lewis (Spartan)
A Lewis (St George's Club of Schenectady)
A Lewis (New York Veterans)
A Lewis (Appleton)
A Lewis (Caribbean)
A Lewis (West India Club B)
AB Lewis (Brooklyn, Kings County)
AB Lewis (Germantown Juniors)
AB Lewis (Tennyson)
AH Lewis (Kings County)
AM Lewis (Cosmopolitan Club of New York)
B Lewis (Brooklyn Third XI)
C Lewis (Merion Veterans)
C Lewis (Idlers)
C Lewis (Cameron)
C Lewis (Port Carbon)
C Lewis (Kings County)
C Lewis (Albion Club of New York)
C Lewis (Paterson)
C Lewis (New York Cricket Club)
C Lewis (Episcopal Academy)
C Lewis (Westbury)
C Lewis (Manhattan)
C Lewis (Excelsior)
C Lewis (Lucas)
C Lewis (Alliance)
C Lewis (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club A)
C Lewis (International)
C Lewis (Sims New York West Indian)
C Lewis (Bensonhurst)
C Lewis (Philadelphia Cricket Club Veterans)
C Lewis (Boston)
C Lewis (Merion)
C Lewis (WR Philler's XI)
C Lewis (Montgomeryshire)
C Lewis (Merion Next XXII)
CA Lewis (umpire)
CJ Lewis (Old Timers)
CL Lewis (Chicago)
CM Lewis (Oakland)
CM Lewis (Germantown Second XI)
CM Lewis (Philadelphia Veterans)
D Lewis (Paterson)
D Lewis (Sussex Cricket Club)
D Lewis (Gleaners)
D Lewis (Lions United)
D Lewis (Jamaica Ex-Police)
D Lewis (Alliance)
D Lewis (Frankford)
D Lewis (Gleaners)
DC Lewis (Haverford College Second XI)
E Lewis (Cameron)
E Lewis (SS Oceanic)
E Lewis (Lions United)
E Lewis (International)
E Lewis (Sims New York West Indian)
E Lewis (Amsterdam)
E Lewis (Columbia Oval)
E Lewis (West Indies International A)
E Lewis (Passaic)
E Lewis (Belmont)
E Lewis (Windsor)
EA Lewis (Leeward Islands)
EA Lewis (North Eastern Cricket Association)
EB Lewis (Merion Second XI)
EC Lewis (Haverford College, Merion)
EE Lewis (Lansdowne Second XI)
F Lewis (Excelsior)
F Lewis (Lucas)
F Lewis (Passaic)
F Lewis (Pacific)
F Lewis (Prospect Park Ladies XI)
F Lewis (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
F Lewis (West India Club B)
F Lewis (Windsor)
F Lewis (West Indian Wanderers)
G Lewis (General Electric Company of Philadelphia)
G Lewis (Columbia Oval)
G Lewis (North Province)
G Lewis (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
G Lewis (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
G Lewis (Cameron)
G Lewis (Windsor)
GC Lewis (Merion Second XI)
GS Lewis (South Park)
GS Lewis (Chicago West Indians)
H Lewis (All New York, British West Indians, New York and District, New York and Metropolitan District Cricket Association, West Indies Americans)
H Lewis (Cameron)
H Lewis (Crescent Athletic Club)
H Lewis (Kings County)
H Lewis (SS Oceanic)
H Lewis (Staten Island Cricket Club)
H Lewis (East Liverpool)
H Lewis (Santa Monica)
H Lewis (Merion Roundarm)
H Lewis (Windsor)
HE Lewis (Paterson)
HT Lewis (Paterson)
J Lewis (Cosmopolitan Cricket League of New York)
J Lewis (Pullman)
J Lewis (Chicago XVIII)
J Lewis (DS Lee's XI)
J Lewis (EJ Tomlins' XI)
J Lewis (Westbury)
J Lewis (Spice Island)
J Lewis (Elgin)
J Lewis (Germantown)
J Lewis (Amsterdam)
J Lewis (Keystone)
JC Lewis (Cameron)
JG Lewis (Manhattan)
JT Lewis (Chicago Cricket Club)
K Lewis (River Valley)
K Lewis (International)
K Lewis (Liberty)
K Lewis (Frank Parson)
L Lewis (New York Cricket Club)
L Lewis (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club A, Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club B)
L Lewis (Manhattan)
L Lewis (Westbury)
L Lewis (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club)
L Lewis (Frank Parson)
L Lewis (Merion Second XI)
M Lewis (umpire)
MF Lewis (Knickerbocker Athletic Club)
N Lewis (Cosmos)
N Lewis (umpire)
P Lewis (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
P Lewis (Kings County)
P Lewis (Westbury)
P Lewis (Stamford)
P Lewis (Cameron)
Q Lewis (Lions United)
Q Lewis (Sheffield)
R Lewis (Hyde Park, Lake Shore)
R Lewis (Spice Island)
R Lewis (Robin Hood)
R Lewis (River Valley)
R Lewis (Cosmos)
R Lewis (Germantown Juniors)
R Lewis (Barbados)
R Lewis (St Christopher)
S Lewis (American Gentlemen's Club, Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
S Lewis (Union Club)
S Lewis (CR Joy's XI)
S Lewis (Progressive Youths)
S Lewis (Cameron)
S Lewis (Windsor)
T Lewis (United States of America All-Stars)
T Lewis (United States of America)
T Lewis (Spice Island)
T Lewis (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
TK Lewis (Moorestown)
TK Lewis (Merchantville)
TK Lewis (Haverford College)
TR Lewis (Haverford College Second XI)
V Lewis (umpire)
V Lewis (International)
W Lewis (United States of America)
W Lewis (River Valley)
W Lewis (Young America Juniors)
W Lewis (Episcopal Academy)
W Lewis (Progressive Youths)
W Lewis (H Brown's XI)
W Lewis (Lions United)
W Lewis (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club A)
W Lewis (New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League)
W Lewis (Germantown YMCA)
W Lewis (Yorkville)
W Lewis (Germantown)
W Lewis (West India Club A, West India Club B)
W Lewis (Windsor)
WF Lewis (Brooklyn, Kings County, Knickerbocker Athletic Club, Livingston Field Club, Manhattan, New Jersey Athletic Club, Staten Island Cricket Club)
WF Lewis (United Lacemakers)
WF Lewis (Delaware Field Club)
WJ Lewis (Manhattan)
WL Lewis (New York Veterans)
WP Lewis (West Philadelphia)
WP Lewis (Bon Air)
WP Lewis (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
WP Lewis (Delaware County Field Club)
WP Lewis (New York Veterans)
WP Lewis (RS Walker's XI)
WP Lewis (Griswold)
L Lewis Did Not Did (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club A)
Lex (Cornell University)
Leylyvald (Boston Cricket Club)
J Leyser (Newark Second XI)
LHaines (JP Newbold's XI)
Libby (Boston Cricket Club Second XI)
Libby (Peninsular Baseball Club)
Libby (Boston Second XI)
P Licart (Manhattan Second XI)
Lickie (Boston)
Liddell (Tacony)
AW Liddell (Clifton)
J Liddell (SS Majestic)
J Liddell (Tacony)
J Liddell (Homestead)
LC Liddell (Zingari)
LC Liddell (Pittsburgh Field Club)
LC Liddell (Pittsburgh)
LC Liddell (HM Laughlin's Colts XI)
W Liddell (Crescent Athletic Club)
Liddle (Tacony)
J Lidford (Brooklyn)
Liebert (Northeast Manual Training School)
H Liebert (Germantown Academy)
G Liebman (Harvard College)
M Liebman (Outdoor Club of Syracuse Juniors)
Liggins (St George's Club of Roxborough)
Light (Jolliffe's XI)
Light (Hyde Park)
J Lightall (Central New York)
Lightbourn (Ashton)
Lightbourne (Athletics of Fall River)
Lightbourne (Ashton)
Lightbourne(a) (Bermudians)
H Lightbourne (Bermudians)
J Lightbourne (Bermudians)
R Lightbourne (Bermudians)
S Lightbourne (Bermudians)
Lightbown (Windsor)
Lightbown (Bermudians)
S Lightbown (Bermudians)
Lightbrown (Fall River)
Lightburn (Bermudians)
Lightfoot (Delaware)
Lightfoot (Boston Cricket Club)
Lightfoot (Boston Second XI)
Lightfoot (Windsor)
C Lightfoot (Philadelphia and Reading Railroad)
C Lightfoot (Linden Second XI)
E Lightfoot (Linden Second XI)
H Lightfoot (Linden)
JC Lightfoot (Philadelphia and Reading Railroad)
Lighthall (Onondaga Club of Syracuse)
Lighthouse (Windsor)
A Lighthowler (Falls of Schuylkill)
F Lightowler (Broadway Baptist Brotherhood)
J Lightowler (Bridgeport)
Lilley (Lynn Wanderers B)
J Lilley (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Lilliat (Mystic Club of Medford Second XI)
L Lillie (Evanston, Lake Shore)
Lilly (Lynn Wanderers)
Lilly (East Boston)
JB Lilly (Oakland)
R Lilly (Evanston)
Lillywhite (umpire)
FH Lillywhite (St George's Club of New York)
H Lillywhite (umpire)
J Lillywhite (umpire)
Limb (Thornton Veterans)
Limeburner (Haverford College Third XI)
F Limerick (John Bright)
Limeson (Lynn Second XI)
Liming (Dedham)
A Lincoln (Boston Athletic Association Second XI)
GR Lincoln (Harrisburg)
HB Lincoln (Belmont)
HB Lincoln (Merion Second XI)
J Lincoln (Maumee Valley)
J Lincoln (Oakland)
L Lincoln (Elmwood)
W Lindell (Richard Baxter)
Linden (Philadelphia and Reading Railroad)
J Linden (Philadelphia and Reading Railroad)
R Linden (Incogniti of Brooklyn)
Linder (Albion Club of Highlandville)
G Linder (umpire)
G Linder (Longwood)
TC Linder (Boston)
F Lindholm (Oak Park)
Lindley (St George's Club of Boston)
A Lindley (Sanderson Steel Works)
A Lindley (Cleveland)
C Lindley (Bensonhurst)
H Lindley (Sanderson Steel Works)
HE Lindley (Baltimore Second XI)
J Lindley (Sanderson Steel Works)
L Lindley (Wanderers)
F Lindo (Manchester United)
F Lindo (Pioneer)
F Lindo (West Indies International A)
F Lindo (West Indian International A)
JA Lindo (umpire)
Lindsay (West India Club B)
Lindsay (Andover)
Lindsay (Caribbean)
Lindsay (Windsor Minors)
A Lindsay (Mid Island)
AO Lindsay (New York Region)
DA Lindsay (Staten Island Cricket Club)
DA Lindsay (Harlem)
F Lindsay (Staten Island Cricket Club)
G Lindsay (Boston Athletic Association Second XI)
HB Lindsay (St Austin's School)
HM Lindsay (Staten Island Cricket Club)
I Lindsay (Central High School)
J Lindsay (Boston Athletic Association)
J Lindsay (Central High School)
M Lindsay (Boston Athletic Association)
W Lindsay (Boston Athletic Association)
Lindsey (The Globe)
Lindsey (Boston Athletic Association)
Lindsey (Andover)
LB Lindsey (St Austin's School)
W Lindsey (Boston Athletic Association)
Lindskog (Lynn Wanderers Second XI)
W Lindskog (Lynn Wanderers Second XI)
J Lindstrom (Appleton)
CP Lineaweaver (Yale University)
Linegar (East Boston)
J Lineham (Oakland)
AA Lines (Gordon Park Reds)
C Linford (Teutonic)
Ling (World Fair Team)
A Ling (Oriole)
E Ling (St George's Athletic Club)
EE Ling (Staten Island Athletic Club)
Lingard (Winnetka)
Lingard (Andover)
Lingard (Chelsea Club Second XI)
V Lingesan (Berkeley)
Linison (Lynn Second XI)
A Linley (Britannia Lakewoods)
A Linley (Edgewater)
A Linley (Britannia)
A Linley (Lakewood)
L Linley (Chicago)
L Linley (Wanderers)
C Linn (Belfield Second XI)
Linnehan (Oakland Second XI)
HJ Linns (Manhattan Second XI)
A Linsay (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club)
A Linsay (Mid Island)
A Linsay (New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League West)
Linton (Cambridge)
Linton (Caribbean)
Linton (Athletics)
Linton (Standard)
Linton (Spartan)
Linton (Athletics)
A Linton (Pickwick (USA))
B Linton (Standard)
C Linton (Standard)
J Linton (Standard)
L Linton (Manchester United)
W Linton (Standard)
Lippincott (Baltimore Mixed XI)
Lippincott (Oakland Second XI)
A Lippincott (Haverford College Second XI)
C Lippincott (Riverton)
EN Lippincott (Oak Lane)
FQ Lippincott (Oriole)
G Lippincott (Germantown, Harvard College, Haverford College, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
GE Lippincott (Germantown Academy)
HG Lippincott (Haverford College Freshmen)
HG Lippincott (Old Haverfordians)
HM Lippincott (Lansdowne)
HM Lippincott (Germantown)
J Lippincott (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
JB Lippincott (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
JH Lippincott (Haddonfield)
P Lippincott (Haddonfield)
R Lippincott (Germantown Academy)
R Lippincott (Merion C)
RW Lippincott (Baltimore Second XI)
SW Lippincott (Baltimore)
SW Lippincott (Single of Baltimore)
T Lippincott (Haddonfield)
WA Lippincott (Haverford School, Merion, University of Pennsylvania)
WA Lippincott (Riverton)
E Lippingott (Moorestown Second XI)
JH Lippncott (Haddonfield)
Lipton (Athletics)
G Liptrott (Paterson)
J Lisoter (Yonkers B)
List (Chelsea Club)
Lister (West End)
A Lister (New York Veterans)
B Lister (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
B Lister (Central High School)
C Lister (Broadway Baptist Brotherhood)
F Lister (Broadway Baptist Brotherhood)
F Lister (West End)
FB Lister (Philadelphia Cricket Club Summer XI)
H Lister (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
J Lister (Stoughton)
JA Lister (St David's)
JA Lister (Rugby School)
JC Lister (Tacony)
JC Lister (Melrose)
JI Lister (SA Willits' XI)
JT Lister (Tacony)
JW Lister (Melrose)
Little (Columbus)
Little (Spartan)
Little (East Boston B)
Little (Columbus)
CE Little (Oak Lane)
E Little (Manchester United)
E Little (Englewood)
F Little (Commercial and Maritime Exchange)
F Little (Cameron)
FV Little (Belmont)
H Little (Santa Monica)
J Little (Manhattan)
J Little (Cameron)
J Little (Tennyson B)
James Little (Independents)
John Little (Independents)
JK Little (Belmont)
JW Little (Glenside)
L Little (Longfellows)
R Little (Longfellows)
R Little (Manhattan)
R Little (Essex County)
R Little (Columbia Oval)
RC Little (Brooklyn)
TD Little (Haddonfield)
TE Little (Haddonfield)
W Little (Brooklyn)
W Little (Glenside)
WP Little (Columbus)
WRV Little (Oak Lane)
WV Little (University of Pennsylvania Freshmen)
WV Little (Oak Lane)
Littledale (St George's Club of Chicago)
C Littledale (Warinanco St George)
C Littledale (Warinanco St George)
C Littledale (Veteran St George)
Charles Littledale (St George's Athletic Club)
Charles Littledale (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
Claud Littledale (St George's Athletic Club)
Claude Littledale (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
CH Littledale (Veteran St George)
E Littlefield (Broadway Baptist Brotherhood)
T Littleford (Illinois, Washington Park)
Littlehale (JA Rothery's XI)
Littlehale (Needham)
Littlehale (Needham)
A Littlehale (Highlandville B)
A Littlehale (Needham)
A Littlehale (Needham)
J Littlehale (Highlandville B)
J Littlehale (Needham Reserves)
L Littlehale (Needham)
R Littlehale (Highlandville B)
R Littlehale (Needham Reserves)
Littlehales (Highlandville)
Littlehales (F Gorse's XI)
Littlejohn (Grand Rapids)
Littlejohn (Carlton Club of Toronto, Carlton Club of Toronto Third XI)
Littlejohn (Calvert's XI)
Littlejohn (Peninsular Cricket Club)
AC Littlejohn (Crescent Athletic Club)
CJ Littlejohn (Peninsular Cricket Club)
EJ Littlejohn (T Calvert's XI)
FJ Littlejohn (Peninsular Cricket Club)
FJ Littlejohn (GW Davies' XI)
G Littlejohn (Richmond County)
GS Littlejohn (St George's Club of Chicago)
H Littlejohn (Crescent Athletic Club)
H Littlejohn (Peninsular Cricket Club)
JH Littlejohn (Crescent Athletic Club)
Littlesdale (Highlandville B)
Littleson (Methuen)
Littleton (Methuen)
C Littlewood (Tennyson)
J Littlewood (North End)
R Liveridge (Lucas)
F Livermore (Jackson)
F Liverside (Tacony)
F Liversidge (Tacony)
Livesay (St George's Club of Boston)
Livesey (Germantown Working Men's Club)
G Livesey (Germantown YMCA)
GR Livesey (Germantown Juniors, Germantown Third XI)
H Livesey (Harlem)
R Livesey (Germantown Colts, Germantown Juniors)
T Livesey (Germantown Juniors)
W Livesey (Girard)
GR Livezey (Bank Clerks Athletic Association)
R Livezey (Bank Clerks Athletic Association)
Livingston (West India Club)
Livingston (West Indian Wanderers)
A Livingston (Newark)
C Livingston (New York Cricket Club Second XI)
CK Livingston (Newark)
D Livingston (Newark)
D Livingston (Newark)
G Livingston (Newark)
H Livingston (Pittsburgh Field Club)
L Livingston (Montclair Athletic Club)
O Livingston (Roseville)
O Livingston (Newark)
O Livingston (Kearny)
OE Livingston (Locomotive Club)
S Livingston (Newark)
S Livingston (Newark)
S Livingston (Kearny)
S Livingston (New York Cricket Association)
S Livingston (Elizabeth YMCA)
S Livingston (New Jersey State Cricket League)
W Livingston (Locomotive Club)
Livingstone (New York Cricket Club)
Livingstone (Boston Zingari)
C Livingstone (Chicago West Indians)
C Livingstone (South Park)
H Livingstone (Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Field Club)
H Livingstone (United States of America)
J Livingstone (Roseville)
N Livsey (Germantown Working Men's Club)
W Livsey (Foresters)
GR Livzey (Bank Clerks Athletic Association)
FT Llewellyn (Belle Vue)
J Llewellyn (Milwaukee)
Lloyd (Boston)
Lloyd (Denver)
Lloyd (Racine College)
Lloyd (T Pettitt's XI)
Lloyd (Manhattan)
Lloyd (Roxbury)
Lloyd (Buffalo)
Lloyd (Oxford)
Lloyd (Buffalo)
A Lloyd (Oxford Second XI)
A Lloyd (Thistle B)
B Lloyd (Peninsular Cricket Club)
B Lloyd (Toledo Outing Club)
C Lloyd (Eastern Seaboard)
CB Lloyd (Oxford)
CW Lloyd (Waverley)
E Lloyd (Toledo Outing Club)
E Lloyd (Phoenixville)
F Lloyd (Merion Veterans)
F Lloyd (Germantown Juniors)
G Lloyd (Manor Field)
G Lloyd (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
HA Lloyd (Buffalo)
J Lloyd (Nelson Lodge)
JB Lloyd (Rest of Haverford College)
JH Lloyd (Germantown Third XI)
JHD Lloyd (Seattle and Tacoma)
JP Lloyd (Belmont Juniors, Belmont Second XI)
JS Lloyd (Buffalo)
M Lloyd (Buffalo)
M Lloyd (St George's Club of Cleveland)
PA Lloyd (Oxford, Pittsburgh)
R Lloyd (Tioga)
R Lloyd (Merion)
R Lloyd (Young America Juniors)
S Lloyd (Merion Veterans)
T Lloyd (Glenshaw)
W Lloyd (St George's Club of Wilmington)
W Lloyd (Germantown Second XI, Germantown Third XI)
W Lloyd (Merchantville)
W Lloyd (Young America Juniors)
W Lloyd (Germantown Juniors)
WCC Lloyd (Belmont Summer XI)
WH Lloyd (Penn Charter School)
WH Lloyd (Belmont Juniors)
JE Lloyd-Jones (The Angels)
JE Lloyd-Jones (Overseas Club)
S Lloyd-Jones (Outdoor Club of Syracuse)
D Loach (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly Blues)
G Loader (Brooklyn)
S LOats (Belmont Summer XI)
A Lobana (Corinthians)
A Lobana (Pegasus)
RH Lobbitt (Manhattan)
Lobbly (Oswego)
L Lobers (West Indian)
Lochan (Concourse All Stars)
G Lochan (Meten Meer Zorg)
G Lochan (Gladiators)
T Lochlan (Concourse All Stars)
J Lochmere (South Park)
D Lochner (Boyds)
Locke (HF Perkins XI)
J Locke (Medford British Americans)
Locker (West Philadelphia)
Locker (Delaware County Field Club)
DW Locker (West Philadelphia)
W Locker (West Philadelphia)
WS Locker (Darby)
W Lockett (Newark)
EV Lockey (Douglas County)
FV Lockey (Douglas County)
J Lockey (Baltimore)
WH Lockey (Douglas County)
Lockhart (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Lockhart (Boston)
Lockhart (Boston Cricket Club)
Lockhart (Union Club of Boston)
G Lockhart (Boston Cricket Club)
Lockhead (Manhattan)
Lockhead (Albion Club of Saxonville)
Lockhead (Peabody British Americans)
J Lockland (Germantown Second XI)
T Lockley (Linden)
Lockwood (Providence)
Lockwood (Union Club of Cleveland)
Lockwood (Cleveland)
H Lockwood(a) (Lighthouse B)
A Lockwood (Fall River)
CK Lockwood (Lighthouse B)
D Lockwood (Lighthouse B)
E Lockwood (umpire)
E Lockwood (Lighthouse)
EO Lockwood (New Jersey Athletic Club Second XI)
F Lockwood (Lighthouse B)
GE Lockwood (Lighthouse)
GH Lockwood (Lighthouse)
GH Lockwood (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
GK Lockwood (Lighthouse B)
H Lockwood (Stenton Field Club)
H Lockwood (Lighthouse)
JB Lockwood (Lighthouse)
JD Lockwood (Lighthouse B)
R Lockwood (Isthmian)
W Lockwood (North End)
W Lockwood (Lighthouse B)
Lockyar (Cicero)
Lockyer (SS Ramanic)
Lockyer (Cicero)
B Lockyer (Cicero)
H Loclwood (Lighthouse B)
Lodge (Everett)
MC Lodge (Belmont C, Belmont C and D, Belmont D)
Lofthouse (Arlington)
Lofthouse (Warren)
E Loftman (Wanderers)
E Loftman (Manchester United)
Loftus (Van Cortlandt)
Logan (Carlton Club of Toronto)
Logan (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
Logan (Pacific)
Logan (St George's Club of Boston)
Logan (SS Franconia)
Logan (T Pettitt's XI)
CH Logan (Marine Cricket Club)
F Logan (Wanderers)
GH Logan (Marine Cricket Club)
J Logan (Edward VII)
M Logan (Edward VII)
M Logan (Pacific)
M Logan (Germantown Boys Club)
N Logan (Pacific)
N Logan (Alameda)
PA Logan (Merion)
R Logan (Germantown Juniors)
R Logan (Belfield)
R Logan (Staten Island Cricket Club)
R Logan (Central High School)
R Logan (Cameron)
RR Logan (Harvard College)
TM Logan (Haverford College, Philadelphia Cricket Club, Wanderers)
TM Logan (Merion)
TM Logan (Ardmore)
V Logan (Excelsior)
W Logan (Pacific)
W Logan (Edward VII)
Logerty (Walnut Hills)
Logie (Belleville)
Logie (Everett)
J Logie (Belle Vue)
J Logie (Commonwealth)
T Logie (Richmond County)
J Logue (Belmont)
Lohman (Young America Club of Hoboken)
Lohmann (Wanderers)
L Lohmann (G Lane's XI)
RH Lohmann (Frankford Juniors)
SB Lohmann (Players of United States of America)
H Lohmer (New York Veterans)
S Loke (Santa Clara Seas)
S Loke (Santa Clara Aces)
S Lokobalisuriya (Staten Island Cricket Club)
S Lokubalasco (Staten Island Cricket Club)
S Lokubalasuriya (Staten Island Cricket Club)
C Lomad (Hyde Park)





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