P Sara Oval, Colombo - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Innings in Twenty20 matches

4WAS NiroshanRagama Cricket Club v Saracens Sports Club2015/16tt5502
3JK SilvaCanada v Sri Lanka A2009/10tt1484
3DM SarathchandraColombo Cricket Club v Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club2015/16tt5349
3L AbeyratneSri Lanka Army Sports Club v Colombo Cricket Club2015/16tt5409
3PD DiasNondescripts Cricket Club v Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club2015/16tt5501
3RSSS de ZoysaSaracens Sports Club v Ragama Cricket Club2015/16tt5502
3WAS NiroshanMoors Sports Club v Saracens Sports Club2015/16tt5505
3WAS NiroshanGalle Cricket Club v Saracens Sports Club2015/16tt5514
3PD DiasKandy Customs Sports Club v Burgher Recreation Club2019/20tt8736





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