First-Class Matches played on Trafalgar Park, Nelson (28)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
25th December 1891 First-Class matches in New Zealand 1891/92  Nelson v Wellingtonf3691
1st January 1953 Plunket Shield 1952/53  Central Districts v Wellingtonf19871
7th January 1955 Plunket Shield 1954/55  Central Districts v Wellingtonf20739
11th January 1957 Plunket Shield 1956/57  Central Districts v Aucklandf21612
5th January 1959 Plunket Shield 1958/59  Central Districts v Otagof22557
7th January 1960 Plunket Shield 1959/60  Central Districts v Canterburyf23037
18th January 1962 Plunket Shield 1961/62  Central Districts v Canterburyf24126
29th December 1962 Plunket Shield 1962/63  Central Districts v Otagof24607
18th January 1964 Plunket Shield 1963/64  Central Districts v Canterburyf25126
12th January 1967 Plunket Shield 1966/67  Central Districts v Otagof26612
11th January 1969 Plunket Shield 1968/69  Central Districts v Otagof27598
14th January 1972 Plunket Shield 1971/72  Central Districts v Canterburyf28994
26th December 1974 Plunket Shield 1974/75  Central Districts v Aucklandf30410
30th December 1975 Shell Cup 1975/76  Central Districts v Canterburyf30909
8th February 1977 Australia in New Zealand 1976/77  Central Districts v Australiansf31466
10th February 1979 Shell Trophy 1978/79 Section TwoCentral Districts v Canterburyf32449
27th December 1980 Shell Trophy 1980/81  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf33387
2nd February 1983 Shell Trophy 1982/83  Central Districts v Canterburyf34496
2nd March 1984 Shell Trophy 1983/84  Central Districts v Aucklandf35111
6th January 1987 Shell Trophy 1986/87  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf36745
18th January 1989 Shell Trophy 1988/89  Central Districts v Aucklandf37901
26th February 1990 Shell Trophy 1989/90  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf38631
9th February 1991 Sri Lanka in New Zealand 1990/91  Central Districts v Sri Lankansf39209
13th January 1992 England in New Zealand 1991/92  New Zealand XI v England XIf39760
20th February 1993 Australia in New Zealand 1992/93  New Zealand Cricket Council President's XI v Australiansf40433a
3rd February 1994 Shell Trophy 1993/94  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf40942
27th February 1995 South Africa in New Zealand 1994/95  New Zealand Academy v South Africansf41654
9th February 1996 Shell Trophy 1995/96  Central Districts v Wellingtonf42276
27th January 1997 Shell Trophy 1996/97  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf42880





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