Bowling in National Second Eleven Competition 1987/88 (Ordered by Average)

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AJ Nuttall (Cant)128986308367-398.55 42
ARC Fraser (Well)95750338268-2713.00 30
RA Verry (Well)1812722-2713.50 00
ID Fisher (Auck)109964284217-3013.52 11
MJ Kimber (Auck)288189265-3315.33 10
SJ Peterson (Auck)3421311973-3817.00 00
WS Linn (Auck)8443422-1917.00 00
PS Hodder (ND)42914223134-2117.15 00
GW Walton (CD)111562460268-2917.69 31
RV Masefield (Cant)2941016594-7218.33 00
DG Scott (Auck)61232206114-5018.72 00
KB Hancock (ND)63012435216-5520.71 10
PW O'Rourke (Well)354817384-5621.62 00
PS Neutze (Auck)69930286134-5422.00 00
C Pringle (Auck)63216357164-4022.31 00
TJ Boyle (ND)43026248114-4122.54 00
GC Hazlehurst (ND)3468295133-3122.69 00
GB Chamberlain (Cant)2861220594-3822.77 00
ATR Hellaby (Auck)210124822-4824.00 00
BR Williams (Well)77243322135-4824.76 10
RT Latham (Cant)5412511-2525.00 00
DJ Hartshorn (Cant)83936467185-5925.94 10
PT Skelt (Ot)4802921784-8627.12 00
GA Lockhart (Ot)234811842-4629.50 00
MR McKinnon (ND)3069302104-2330.20 00
PB Gibbs (CD)60019306103-4430.60 00
KB Galliven (Ot)98656399135-5030.69 10
SR McNally (Cant)86551344115-7831.27 10
HMR Richards (Cant)3841815852-3031.60 00
JK Lindsay (Ot)87537320106-6932.00 10
VF Johnson (Ot)5222222973-6532.71 00
A Somani (ND)222629894-3533.11 00
GM Kemp (Ot)3801220762-6334.50 00
AP Brookland (Ot)12057521-3037.50 00
GM Early (Ot)76212417114-5337.90 00
JR Murtagh (Well)4893415442-5038.50 00
RG Stachurski (CD)92939468125-8439.00 10
CA Crafar (CD)3661231983-4239.87 00
TM McKenna (CD)7073035283-7144.00 00
PJ Christian (Well)9815243393-15248.11 00
DM Molony (Well)3231315332-5051.00 00
HD Skipper (Well)6645411-4254.00 00
SR Tracy (Auck)204211322-2456.50 00
AJ Rohrs (Well)3121911921-3359.50 00
PJ Hounsell (Auck)13876611-4566.00 00
ML Su'a (ND)228717321-2586.50 00
KF Lellman (ND)10228811-2188.00 00
CS Yorston (CD)168410111-61101.00 00
SJ Hotter (Well)192410511-82105.00 00
RK Brown (CD)3541912711-34127.00 00
IA Boyle (Well)222713811-60138.00 00
SA Thomson (ND)120220411-60204.00 00
TJ Franklin (Auck)6100    
JPE Wilson (Cant)6100    
REW Mawhinney (ND)6020    
IJ Gould (Auck)6020    
CD Ingham (CD)3030    
A Nathu (Well)1040    
MJ Lamont (Ot)24260    
CJP Smith (CD)30170    
PW Dobbs (Ot)6080    
AW Bligh (Ot)60100    
GW McKenzie (ND)302160    
WA Bowden (CD)907210    
PG Kennedy (Cant)605210    
MW Posa (Auck)542230    
AJ Hunt (Auck)966240    
RM Ford (Cant)1326490    





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