Leinster League Division One 2015

 Points Table
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 Averages by [Team]

04 May 2015  Clontarf v Malahide Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1118
04 May 2015  North County v Cork County The Inch, Dublin lein1120
04 May 2015  Pembroke v Railway Union Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1121
04 May 2015  YMCA v Merrion Claremont Road, Dublin lein1123
16 May 2015  Clontarf v Cork County Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1129
16 May 2015  Malahide v Railway Union The Village, Malahide, Dublin lein1131
16 May 2015  Merrion v North County Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1132
16 May 2015  Pembroke v YMCA Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1133
21 May 2015  North County v Malahide The Inch, Dublin lein1144
23 May 2015  Cork County v YMCA Mardyke, Cork lein1148
28 May 2015  Clontarf v Railway Union Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1160
28 May 2015  Merrion v Pembroke Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1161
20 Jun 2015  Cork County v Merrion Mardyke, Cork lein1176
20 Jun 2015  Malahide v Pembroke The Village, Malahide, Dublin lein1178
20 Jun 2015  Railway Union v North County Park Avenue, Dublin lein1180
20 Jun 2015  YMCA v Clontarf Claremont Road, Dublin lein1183
04 Jul 2015  Clontarf v Pembroke Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1194
04 Jul 2015  Malahide v Merrion The Village, Malahide, Dublin lein1196
04 Jul 2015  Railway Union v Cork County Park Avenue, Dublin lein1198
04 Jul 2015  YMCA v North County Claremont Road, Dublin lein1199
11 Jul 2015  Merrion v Railway Union Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1207
11 Jul 2015  North County v Clontarf The Inch, Dublin lein1208
11 Jul 2015  YMCA v Malahide Claremont Road, Dublin lein1211
26 Jul 2015  Cork County v Railway Union Mardyke, Cork lein1224
03 Aug 2015  Malahide v North County The Village, Malahide, Dublin lein1232
03 Aug 2015  Pembroke v Merrion Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1233
03 Aug 2015  Railway Union v Clontarf Park Avenue, Dublin lein1235
03 Aug 2015  YMCA v Cork County Claremont Road, Dublin lein1237
06 Aug 2015  North County v YMCA The Inch, Dublin lein1238
08 Aug 2015  Clontarf v Merrion Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1240
08 Aug 2015  Malahide v Cork County The Village, Malahide, Dublin lein1242
08 Aug 2015  Pembroke v North County Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1243
08 Aug 2015  YMCA v Railway Union Claremont Road, Dublin lein1247
09 Aug 2015  Cork County v Pembroke Mardyke, Cork lein1248
15 Aug 2015  Cork County v North County Mardyke, Cork lein1256
15 Aug 2015  Malahide v Clontarf The Village, Malahide, Dublin lein1258
15 Aug 2015  Merrion v YMCA Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1259
15 Aug 2015  Railway Union v Pembroke Park Avenue, Dublin lein1260
20 Aug 2015  Merrion v Malahide Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1270
22 Aug 2015  Clontarf v YMCA Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1273
22 Aug 2015  Merrion v Cork County Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1274
22 Aug 2015  North County v Railway Union The Inch, Dublin lein1275
22 Aug 2015  Pembroke v Malahide Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1276
23 Aug 2015  Pembroke v Clontarf Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1277e
29 Aug 2015  Cork County v Clontarf Mardyke, Cork lein1280a
29 Aug 2015  North County v Merrion The Inch, Dublin lein1283
29 Aug 2015  YMCA v Pembroke Claremont Road, Dublin lein1286
06 Sep 2015  Clontarf v North County Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1294
06 Sep 2015  Malahide v YMCA The Village, Malahide, Dublin lein1295
06 Sep 2015  Pembroke v Cork County Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1297
06 Sep 2015  Railway Union v Merrion Park Avenue, Dublin lein1298
07 Sep 2015  Railway Union v Malahide Park Avenue, Dublin lein1301
12 Sep 2015  Cork County v Malahide Mardyke, Cork lein1303a
12 Sep 2015  Merrion v Clontarf Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1304
12 Sep 2015  North County v Pembroke The Inch, Dublin lein1305
12 Sep 2015  Railway Union v YMCA Park Avenue, Dublin lein1306a





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