Brief profile of John Chandless
by Dr.A.K.Hignell

Player:J Chandless

John Chandless had a good record with both bat and ball for Cardiff C.C. either side of the Great War. The right-hander first played for Glamorgan in 1911 and he re-appeared again in 1920 as the county pressed for first-class status.


Although he remained a heavy run scorer in club cricket, his best years were lost to the War, and it seemed that his dream of playing in first-class cricket for Glamorgan would never be fulfilled. However, even in his early forties, he still had a good record with the bat for Cardiff C.C. and in 1927 he duly made his first-class debut.


(December 2003)

(Article: Copyright © 2003 Dr.A.K.Hignell)


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