Brief profile of C.J.Lucas
by Don Ambrose

Player:CJ Lucas

LUCAS, Charles James.
Born at Clapham Common, London, 25th February 1853.
Died at Pimlico, Westminster, London, 17th April 1928.
The son of Charles Thomas Lucas, of Warnham Court Mansion, Warnham, Sussex, a building contractor, he was educated at Harrow and finished his education in Germany and Switzerland. He played in 12 first-class cricket matches, 3 for Middlesex and 8 for Sussex. Three of his brothers played first-class cricket, A.G. for MCC, F.M. and M.P. for Sussex. His son C.E. played for Sussex. He was President of Sussex CCC in 1907. He was Lieutenant-Colonel of the Engineer and Railway Staff Corps, Territorial, V.D., a J.P. and Deputy Lieutenant for Sussex and High Sheriff in 1904. He was also a Deputy Lieutenant for London. Among his directorships were London Brighton & South Coast Railway, Northern Assurance Co. and E.Lacon & Co., brewers, of London. In 1911 his address was Warnham Court Mansion.
In the 1881 Census he was living at Warnham Court Mansion, Sussex, with his father Charles Thomas aged 60 a contractor (builder), and his mother Emma, aged 57. His unmarried aunt Anne Lucas aged 63 is also present. He is shown aged 28 and his brother Alfred George, aged 26 and his wife Edith, aged 25 and born in Madras, India, plus their three children Eveline aged 3, Sybil aged 2 and Muriel 3 months. His brother Frederick M. aged 21 and his sister Florence aged 16 are also resident. There are four visitors James Sterolts Forbes, a railway director, aged 56, born Scotland; Lt-Col Gould Smith, a banker, aged 41, born London; his wife L. Charelaine Smith, aged 35, a non-British subject, born Switzerland; Charlotte De Reese, aged 42, unmarried, a non-British subject, born in Russia. There is a housekeeper and nineteen domestic servants.


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