Brief profile of F.W.Lipscomb
by Don Ambrose

Player:FW Lipscomb

LIPSCOMB, Francis Wallis.
Born at Alresford, Hampshire, 20th July 1834.
Died at Southsea, Hampshire, 3rd October 1906.
He was a regular Army officer with the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot. He was an Ensign on 23rd March 1858, and promoted to Lieutenant 21st January 1859. His debut in first-class cricket was for the Gentlemen of England in 1857 and he played in four further first-class matches, including three for Hampshire 1881-82. He was promoted to Captain before he retired to become a hop merchant.
He is living at 4 Queens Place, Portsea, Hampshire, at the time of the 1881 Census, aged 46, a Captain retired from the Army, an agent for a hop merchant. His wife is Charlotte L.M., aged 42 born in Bengal, India. Their eldest daughter is Evelyn M.M., aged 17 born at Buttevant, Co Cork, and their son Arthur L. aged 13 and Amy M. aged 11 were both born at Glasgow, Scotland. Staying with them was a brother-in-law, Henry C. Tyler, aged 34 born Walmer, Kent, a retired Army officer. There is one domestic servant.


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