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All those members of the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians and previous statisticians and historians who have researched scorecards, players and grounds

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All of the scorers and others who send us scorecards, amendments and player details for their matches and players
The lists below give the names of people who have made substantial contributions to our database. Many others, far too numerous to mention individually, have supplied data too. We thank all of them and appreciate their help. Player profiles and information: Don Ambrose, Kevin Clement, Andrew Hignell, Dave Liverman, John Evans, John Ward, Dave Smith, Pete Taylor of, Tushar Trivedi
Scorecards: Abid Ai Kazi (compiler of First-Class Cricket in Pakistan series of books), Sham Ali, Don Ambrose, Chris Amos, Atul Kahate, David Baggett, Pieter Barnard, Stephen Bell, Peter Binns, Rob Brooke, John Bryant, Tony Choat, Marion Collin, Dave Creeth, Brian Croudy, Michael Davage, Charles Davis (compiler of Test Cricket in Australia 1877-2002), Peter Dickinson, John Dotters, John Evans, Keith Gerrish, Chris Gore, Bob Harragan, Richard Holdridge, Les Hatton, Roger Heavens, Richard Isaacs, Vic Isaacs, Sreeram Iyer, John Kobylecky, Richard Lawrence, John Leach, Neil Leitch, Mark Leopard, Edward Liddle, Dave Liverman, Andrew Lynch, Cecil Kippins, Greg McKie, John Mansford, Adam Morehouse, Abhishek Mukherjee, Kevin Preston, Chris Rawson, Steve Rowland, Andrew Samson, Brian Sanderson, David M Smith, George Smith, Rick Smith, Ross Smith, Nigel Stockley, Martyn Taylor, Syed Waseem Afzal of, Sheila Wade, David Ward, Charlie Wat, Alan West, Martin Wickham, Peter Wynne-Thomas
Berkshire: Roy New
Durham: Brian Hunt
Glamorgan: Andrew Hignell
Leicestershire: Richard Holdridge


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