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Bowling for Yorkshire in 2012

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SA Patterson25641251115535-7721.03 10
Azeem Rafiq148163711285-5025.39 10
RJ Sidebottom178272798245-3033.25 10
A McGrath117759489194-2125.73 00
MA Ashraf70727376174-3622.11 00
AU Rashid121726656165-10541.00 10
TT Bresnan78231397145-8128.35 10
SJ Harmison252419583-4924.37 00
A Shahzad4091421083-8626.25 00
MA Starc2531315373-5021.85 00
OJ Hannon-Dalby15145443-3613.50 00
I Wardlaw390230031-37100.00 00
RM Pyrah228912821-964.00 00
JE Root2881413011-39130.00 00
GS Ballance361230    
AW Gale370970    
A Lyth7231160    







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