Bowling for Yorkshire in 2004 County Championship

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JAR Blain112826804304-3826.80 00
TT Bresnan96331557173-3232.76 00
VJ Craven310819162-1831.83 00
RKJ Dawson2278711255365-4034.86 10
AKD Gray18638921-2044.50 00
IJ Harvey9244143073-3861.42 00
MJ Hoggard7312239393-5043.66 00
PA Jaques120180    
SP Kirby1963531132313-6436.51 00
MAK Lawson453630895-6234.22 10
DS Lehmann63419261154-3517.40 00
MJ Lumb6020    
A McGrath6122128085-3935.00 10
RM Pyrah36420    
CEW Silverwood104733570223-1825.90 00
ND Thornicroft2661016862-2728.00 00
DJ Wainwright18150    
C White53018282113-5025.63 00
MJ Wood6010    







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