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Bowling for Yorkshire in 1967 County Championship

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JC Balderstone15095053-2210.00 00
JG Binks12080    
G Boycott6013511-1035.00 00
DB Close121968508133-3439.07 00
GA Cope1311106409325-2312.78 10
JH Hampshire264101390    
RA Hutton97240468164-4329.25 00
R Illingworth33312191075637-617.06 52
AG Nicholson39811871511909-6216.78 61
CM Old71728352203-3417.60 00
DEV Padgett486611-66.00 00
PJ Sharpe3621411-1414.00 00
PM Stringer5643123684-3329.50 00
K Taylor3361513221-1266.00 00
FS Trueman28571071296575-3922.73 10
D Wilson36762601128637-2117.90 32







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