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Bowling for Yorkshire in 1933

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H Verity618939121361689-4412.71 167
GG Macaulay681240322191417-915.73 83
WE Bowes511819223721308-6918.24 124
JS Douglas140892413206-5920.65 10
TF Smailes3601713963-3823.16 00
M Leyland1829641027366-4628.52 21
AC Rhodes45402071974655-3430.36 20
CH Hall7142825482-2931.75 00
H Sutcliffe6013611-3636.00 00
W Barber192510931-1136.33 00
C Turner21087721-2238.50 00
F Dennis6671637583-4746.87 00
AB Sellers3561120042-1050.00 00
A Mitchell10235711-1957.00 00
TA Jacques216712822-10964.00 00
P Holmes420280    







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