Bowling for Yorkshire in 1932

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TF Smailes307199795-3610.77 10
H Fisher103866310226-1114.09 20
H Verity6223377205914610-1014.10 124
WE Bowes610922024541689-12114.60 145
CH Hall62031244146-7117.42 20
GG Macaulay51442831602848-2119.07 51
M Leyland94537473234-1420.56 00
W Barber9024221-121.00 00
AB Sellers2302311-2323.00 00
AC Rhodes3009150984406-1924.60 30
F Dennis3241112321-961.50 00
H Sutcliffe18080    
C Turner844230    
A Mitchell722370    







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