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Bowling for Yorkshire in 1929

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W Rhodes603938818031009-3918.03 62
WE Bowes2483108905458-7720.11 30
W Barber10264122-3020.50 00
F Dennis40061451790846-4221.30 50
GG Macaulay672332923171026-5322.71 41
JS Douglas3842411853-5523.60 00
E Robinson60073262010826-6224.51 21
M Leyland38492231316487-5227.41 20
A Goulder22289032-2130.00 00
C Turner141071486143-8134.71 00
E Oldroyd6812230142-575.25 00
TA Jacques468924431-4181.33 00
A Mitchell15058811-2088.00 00
FE Greenwood18180    
GH Hirst13810390    
P Holmes420440    
WA Shackleton661470    
H Fisher23416710    







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