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Bowling for Yorkshire in 1926

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W Rhodes483428215301028-4815.00 51
E Smith384357954-4815.80 00
GG Macaulay616627621481338-4316.15 144
R Kilner57783171859968-4019.36 52
A Waddington46811761818786-4923.30 20
E Oldroyd53311289124-1424.08 00
E Robinson39341761454576-8725.50 20
GH Crawford80427337135-5925.92 10
M Leyland162210111-23101.00 00
JS Douglas2281111511-47115.00 00
C Turner24170    
P Holmes12090    
A Dolphin300100    
AW Lupton963340    
JS Stephenson421420    
H Sutcliffe782600    







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