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Bowling for Yorkshire in 1899

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JT Brown86532512225-5423.27 10
JT Brown21641231131578-4019.84 52
D Denton1355710    
S Haigh39352611693798-3321.43 21
GH Hirst39232591776768-4823.36 42
TH Hirst503270    
FS Jackson23811611018396-5126.10 20
F Mitchell1011611-1616.00 00
W Rhodes626447024731539-2816.16 113
E Smith26221801208476-8425.70 50
J Tunnicliffe6052211-622.00 00
E Wainwright30411881398567-3824.96 41
L Whitehead6055422363-4737.16 00
CEM Wilson3302512642-2831.50 00
ER Wilson3202213042-1132.50 00







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