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Yorkshire in Second XI Matches in 1899

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Home Grounds used:
Headingley, Leeds

Away Grounds visited:
Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington; The Circle, Hull; Fartown, Huddersfield

Second XI playing record:
P 4     W 1     D 3     L 0

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25 players appeared in Second XI matches for Yorkshire in 1899:
FT Asquith; H Barber; W Bedford; R Brocklehurst; JT Brown; J Chapman; Crabtree; JE Elms; H Fowler; TH Hirst; S Kilburn; F Mitchell; W Murgatroyd; H Nixon; G Pollitt; H Rudston; H Slater; S Stringer; T Stringer; T Tait; F Taylor; H Wallace; WAI Washington; H Wilkinson; H Wilson.







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