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Most Wickets in a Season for Yorkshire

240W Rhodes1900
233W Rhodes1901
201GH Hirst1906
200GG Macaulay1925
200R Appleyard1951
199H Verity1935
189H Verity1939
185H Verity1936
185H Verity1937
184GG Macaulay1924
174W Rhodes1902
172JH Wardle1950
171GH Hirst1901
169W Rhodes1903
169GH Hirst1907
169H Verity1931
169JH Wardle1952
168WE Bowes1932
168H Verity1933
167MW Booth1913
165E Peate1882
164W Rhodes1907
164GH Hirst1908
163GG Macaulay1923
161S Haigh1906
160S Haigh1900
159JH Wardle1955
158W Rhodes1905
158A Drake1914
156W Rhodes1920
155R Peel1895
155MW Booth1914
155W Rhodes1919
154S Haigh1902
154WE Bowes1935
153W Rhodes1899
152E Wainwright1894
150GH Hirst1895
150FS Trueman1960
149EP Robinson1946
148JH Wardle1948
146H Verity1932
146JH Wardle1956
143R Kilner1923
142W Rhodes1898
141GG Macaulay1933
141R Appleyard1954
140A Waddington1920
140FS Trueman1955
138GH Hirst1910
137H Verity1938
134R Kilner1924
133E Peate1881
133GG Macaulay1926
132A Waddington1922
131E Peate1880
131R Peel1890
131JT Newstead1908
130R Peel1894
130GH Hirst1911
130GG Macaulay1922
130GG Macaulay1927
130WE Bowes1933
129A Coxon1950
129FS Trueman1954
128W Rhodes1921
127W Rhodes1923
126JH Wardle1953
125S Haigh1912
125TF Smailes1936
124FS Trueman1961
123R Kilner1925
122JH Wardle1951
122JH Wardle1954
122FS Trueman1962
122R Illingworth1964
121GH Hirst1903
121FS Trueman1965
120E Wainwright1893
120S Haigh1909
120TF Smailes1937
120EP Robinson1939
120R Illingworth1961
118R Peel1888
118S Haigh1904
118W Rhodes1904
118S Haigh1905
117W Rhodes1914
117GG Macaulay1928
117WE Bowes1931
116R Illingworth1962
115W Rhodes1909
115A Drake1913
114GH Hirst1904
114DB Close1952
113W Rhodes1906
113WE Bowes1936
113AG Nicholson1966
112T Emmett1886
111GH Hirst1912
111W Rhodes1928
111E Robinson1928
111A Booth1946
110R Appleyard1956
109WE Bowes1934
108R Peel1896
108EP Robinson1947
107R Kilner1922
107WE Bowes1939
107FS Trueman1966
107D Wilson1968
106R Peel1892
106WE Bowes1938
106JH Wardle1957
105W Rhodes1911
105A Waddington1921
105A Waddington1925
105TF Smailes1934
105DB Close1949
105R Illingworth1968
104R Peel1893
104MW Booth1912
104EP Robinson1938
104TF Smailes1938
104FS Trueman1959
103R Illingworth1956
102E Wainwright1896
102S Haigh1903
102W Rhodes1926
102GG Macaulay1929
101R Peel1889
101GG Macaulay1921
101A Coxon1949
101AG Nicholson1967
101D Wilson1969
100S Haigh1898
100GH Hirst1905
100W Rhodes1908
100GH Hirst1913
100A Waddington1919
100W Rhodes1922
100W Rhodes1929
100H Verity1934
100JH Wardle1949
100D Wilson1966







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