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Teams Richard Pyrah played for

Main FCYorkshire (England) (2004-2015)
Main ListAYorkshire Cricket Board (2001-2002)
 Yorkshire (England) (2004-2015)
Main Twenty20Yorkshire (England) (2005-2015)
Minor Counties TrophyYorkshire Cricket Board (2001-2002)
Second Eleven ChampionshipYorkshire Second XI (2001-2015)
Second Eleven TrophyYorkshire Second XI (2000-2015)
Second Eleven Twenty20Yorkshire Second XI (2012-2015)
Yorkshire Premier LeagueDriffield Town (2007-2008)
County ChampionshipYorkshire (England) (2004-2015)
MiscellaneousYorkshire Second XI (2003-2015)
 Yorkshire (England) (2005-2015)
 Driffield Town (2007)
 Counties Select XI (2009/10)
 SA Patterson's XI (2010/11)
 GL Brophy's XI (2010/11)
 Azeem Rafiq's XI (2012/13)
 Spare Squads 1 (2012/13)
 Brian Lara International XI (2014)
 Yorkshire XI (2014/15)







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