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Teams Callum Geldart played for

Main FCYorkshire (2010-2011)
Second Eleven ChampionshipYorkshire Second XI (2009-2011)
Second Eleven TrophyYorkshire Second XI (2010-2011)
Second Eleven Twenty20Yorkshire Second XI (2016)
Yorkshire Premier LeagueYorkshire Academy (2008-2010)
MiscellaneousYorkshire Under-15s (2007)
 English Schools Cricket Association North Under-15s (2007)
 Yorkshire Under-17s (2007-2009)
 Yorkshire Academy (2008-2011)
 ECB North Under-17s (2008-2009)
 Yorkshire Second XI (2009-2012)
 Streethouse (2009)
 Yorkshire XI (2009)
 ECB Elite Player Development XI (2010)
 Undercliffe (2011-2012)
 Derbyshire Second XI (2012)
 Pudsey Congs (2013-2016)
 Bradford Cricket League (2015)







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