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Yorkshire List A Matches played on Abbeydale Park, Sheffield (12)

10th June 1982 Zimbabwe in England 1982  Yorkshire v Zimbabweansa3337
9th June 1985 John Player Special League 1985  Yorkshire v Sussexa4462
25th May 1986 John Player Special League 1986  Yorkshire v Essexa4862
7th June 1987 Refuge Assurance League 1987  Yorkshire v Derbyshirea5278
19th June 1988 Refuge Assurance League 1988  Yorkshire v Essexa5710
6th August 1989 Refuge Assurance League 1989  Yorkshire v Northamptonshirea6176
29th July 1990 Refuge Assurance League 1990  Yorkshire v Leicestershirea6669
23rd June 1991 Refuge Assurance League 1991  Yorkshire v Worcestershirea7083
5th July 1992 Sunday League 1992  Yorkshire v Leicestershirea7640
20th June 1993 AXA Equity and Law League 1993  Yorkshire v Gloucestershirea8087
28th May 1995 AXA Equity and Law League 1995  Yorkshire v Northamptonshirea9257
12th May 1996 AXA Equity and Law League 1996  Yorkshire v Derbyshirea9847







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