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North Marine Road, Scarborough - Highest Partnership for Each Wicket in Women's ODI cricket

  1110  CM Edwards & HC KnightEngland Women v India Women2014wo914
  250  CM Edwards & SJ TaylorEngland Women v India Women2014wo916
  372  JA Brittin & K SmithiesEngland Women v Australia Women1998wo275
  433  MD Raj & H KaurIndia Women v England Women2014wo916
  546  SS Mandhana & VR VanithaIndia Women v England Women2014wo914
  644  CM Edwards & NR SciverEngland Women v India Women2014wo916
  710  CM Edwards & JL GunnEngland Women v India Women2014wo916
  816  CM Edwards & D HazellEngland Women v India Women2014wo916
  919*SS Pandey & EK BishtIndia Women v England Women2014wo914
1019  EK Bisht & RS GayakwadIndia Women v England Women2014wo916







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