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North Marine Road, Scarborough - Highest Partnership for Each Wicket in ODI cricket

  167  JM Brearley & GA GoochEngland v New Zealand1978o52
  2111  GA Gooch & CT RadleyEngland v New Zealand1978o52
  339  IVA Richards & CH LloydWest Indies v England1976o37
  460  IVA Richards & LG RoweWest Indies v England1976o37
  564  GD Barlow & GA GoochEngland v West Indies1976o37
  613  GRJ Roope & G MillerEngland v New Zealand1978o52
  736  GD Barlow & APE KnottEngland v West Indies1976o37
  868  BE Congdon & BL CairnsNew Zealand v England1978o52
  914*BE Congdon & RO CollingeNew Zealand v England1978o52







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