North Marine Road, Scarborough - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

15-57J BriggsLord Londesborough's XI v Australians1890f3566
14-185FR SpofforthAustralians v I Zingari1884f2831
13-40J BriggsLord Londesborough's XI v Australians1888f3333
13-45R HendersonI Zingari v Yorkshire1877f2083
13-57CTB TurnerAustralians v Lord Londesborough's XI1890f3566
13-63JM PrestonYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1888f3332
13-82GA LohmannSouth v North1891f3677
13-83T EmmettYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1882f2573
13-96WE BowesYorkshire v Leicestershire1936f15532
13-183AE TrottCI Thornton's XI v Yorkshire1899f5257
13-183WE BowesYorkshire v Essex1932f14026
12-45S HaighYorkshire v Warwickshire1899f5137
12-53EP RobinsonYorkshire v Hampshire1946f17299
12-74CT StuddI Zingari v Yorkshire1881f2451
12-96R PeelCI Thornton's XI v Australians1896f4579
12-97SMJ WoodsGentlemen of England v I Zingari1890f3559
12-110T EmmettYorkshire v Middlesex1874f1855
12-111LC BraundMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1902f5990
12-121GAE PaineWarwickshire v Yorkshire1934f14704
12-122CTB TurnerAustralians v Lord Londesborough's XI1888f3333
12-124R AppleyardYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1954f20669
12-138P WilleyTN Pearce's XI v New Zealanders1978f32239







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