North Marine Road, Scarborough - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

5J TunnicliffeLeicestershire v Yorkshire1901f5625
5WR HammondHDG Leveson-Gower's XI v Marylebone Cricket Club West Indian Touring Team1935f15181
4G UlyettI Zingari v Yorkshire1881f2451
4HW ForsterGentlemen of England v I Zingari1888f3330
4H LeadbeaterM Sherwin's XI v Lord Hawke's XI1889f3375
4JT BrownMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1892f3806
4J TunnicliffeEngland XI v Yorkshire1895f4367
4LCH PalairetYorkshire v Somerset1898f4956
4D DentonAustralians v CI Thornton's XI1905f6783
4NE HaigYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1920f9771
4L HuttonMiddlesex v Yorkshire1936f15497
4AC RevillYorkshire v Derbyshire1953f20196
4E SmithYorkshire v Derbyshire1965f26006
4PJ SharpeMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1968f27474
4MD MoxonDerbyshire v Yorkshire1991f39423
4MD MoxonNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1992f40100
4C WhiteSomerset v Yorkshire1996f42506
4M NewellYorkshire v Sussex1997f43211
4A LythMiddlesex v Yorkshire2014f55711
4RA WhiteleyYorkshire v Worcestershire2015f56477







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