North Marine Road, Scarborough - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

31Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1877f2085
37Yorkshire v I Zingari1877f2083
39Lord Londesborough's XI v Australians1890f3566
45Warwickshire v Yorkshire1934f14704
46Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1876f2004
46Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1877f2085
46North v South1891f3677
53Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1881f2450
57Australians v Lord Londesborough's XI1888f3333
59Players v Gentlemen1885f2958
59Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1894f4140
59Leicestershire v Yorkshire1896f4553
60Middlesex v Yorkshire1874f1855
60Australians v Lord Londesborough's XI1890f3566
63Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1907f7313
68TN Pearce's XI v Indians1952f19812
69Yorkshire v Hampshire1946f17299
71Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1877f2085
74Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1880f2349
74Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1902f5990
75Yorkshire v Australians1977f31640
76Yorkshire v I Zingari1880f2351
76South v Yorkshire1896f4578
77Australians v Lord Londesborough's XI1890f3566
78Somerset v Yorkshire1968f27422
79Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1880f2349
80Yorkshire v I Zingari1881f2451
80Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1882f2573
80Yorkshire v England XI1895f4367
81South v North1891f3677
81Australian Imperial Forces v CI Thornton's XI1919f9516
81Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1920f9771
81Marylebone Cricket Club v M Parkinson's World XI1989f38279
82Yorkshire v England XI1895f4367
83Australians v CI Thornton's XI1899f5250
83Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1946f17340
84Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1912f8719
84Hampshire v Yorkshire1946f17299
84Yorkshire v Middlesex1959f22889
85Gentlemen of England v I Zingari1890f3559
85International XI v Yorkshire1975f30746
86Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1893f3962
86Glamorgan v Yorkshire1972f29169
87Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1875f1928
87Essex v Yorkshire1967f26950
88Yorkshire v I Zingari1877f2083
90Gentlemen of England v I Zingari1886f3079
90Lord Londesborough's XI v Australians1890f3566
91Glamorgan v Yorkshire1966f26454
91Worcestershire v Yorkshire2003f47383
92Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1888f3332
92Worcestershire v Yorkshire1951f19336
93I Zingari v Yorkshire1877f2083
93Leicestershire v Yorkshire1896f4553
93Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1907f7313
94Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1887f3198
94Over 30 v Under 301901f5716
95South Africans v TN Pearce's XI1951f19379
96Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1884f2834
96Australians v Lord Londesborough's XI1888f3333
96South v North1891f3677
97Hampshire v Yorkshire1946f17299
98Gentlemen of England v I Zingari1888f3330
98Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1905f6778
99Gentlemen of England v I Zingari1888f3330
99Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1900f5480
99Sussex v Yorkshire1962f24445







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