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North Marine Road, Scarborough - Highest Partnership for Each Wicket in first-class cricket

  1243  JB Hobbs & H SutcliffeHDG Leveson-Gower's XI v New Zealanders1931f13696
  2302  W Watson & JV WilsonYorkshire v Derbyshire1948f18093
  3321  MW Gatting & MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Yorkshire1993f40636
  4278  JHK Adams & JM VinceHampshire v Yorkshire2010f52536
  5319  KR Rutherford & EJ GrayNew Zealanders v DB Close's XI1986f36551
  6248  GJ Maxwell & AU RashidYorkshire v Durham2015f56492
  7214  AL Penberthy & D RipleyNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1999f44490
  8172  WE Astill & AER GilliganMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1923f10741
  9149*RJ Blakey & AKD GrayYorkshire v Leicestershire2002f46747
10109  A Shahzad & RJ SidebottomYorkshire v Worcestershire2011f53283
1133  SMJ Woods & H PhilipsonMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1889f3432
1133  SMJ Woods & FR SpofforthMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1890f3564







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