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North Marine Road, Scarborough - Double Centuries in first-class cricket

317  KR RutherfordNew Zealanders v DB Close's XI1986f36551
272  AW GaleYorkshire v Nottinghamshire2013f54866
266*JB HobbsPlayers v Gentlemen1925f11411
241  L HuttonPlayers v Gentlemen1953f20243
233  CP MeadMarylebone Cricket Club Australian Touring Team v Lord Hawke's XI1929f12927
223  CP MeadPlayers v Gentlemen1911f8416
223*JV WilsonYorkshire v Scotland1951f19284
220  JA RudolphYorkshire v Warwickshire2007f50186
217*Younis KhanYorkshire v Kent2007f50148
213  D ByasYorkshire v Worcestershire1995f41854
208*MP DonnellyMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1948f18137
203  G CookNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1988f37709
202*P HolmesCI Thornton's XI v South Africans1924f11079
202  H SutcliffeYorkshire v Middlesex1936f15497







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