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North Marine Road, Scarborough - Centuries in List A matches

191  DS LehmannYorkshire v Nottinghamshire2001a13662
133  AD BrownSurrey v Yorkshire1994a8811
132*JA RudolphYorkshire v Sussex2011a21484
130*RJ BlakeyYorkshire v Kent1991a7080
129  AW GreigSussex v Yorkshire1976a1737
127  JA RudolphYorkshire v Somerset2007a18310
125  A LythYorkshire v Northamptonshire2016a24781
124*JA RudolphYorkshire v Middlesex2010a20722
121  BM DuckettNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire2016a24781
119*IVA RichardsWest Indies v England1976a1803
119  RN ten DoeschateEssex v Yorkshire2014a23477
118*MH DennessKent v Yorkshire1976a1714
115*AA MetcalfeYorkshire v Gloucestershire1984a4123
114*JH HampshireYorkshire v Northamptonshire1978a2198
113*GA HickWorcestershire v Yorkshire1995a9368
113  RT PontingSomerset v Yorkshire2004a16015
111*JA LeaningYorkshire v Essex2014a23477
111*T WestleyEssex v Yorkshire2014a23477
109*A LythYorkshire v Sussex2009a19915
106  A McGrathYorkshire v West Indians1995a9403
106  JA RudolphYorkshire v Warwickshire2010a20767
105*GS ClintonSurrey v Yorkshire1981a3021
105  MD MoxonYorkshire v Somerset1990a6651
105*RJ BlakeyYorkshire v Warwickshire1992a7632
105*AD BrownSurrey v Yorkshire1992a7715
104  PD BowlerSomerset v Yorkshire Cricket Board2002a14317
103  DS LehmannYorkshire v Leicestershire2001a13605
103*GS BallanceYorkshire v Unicorns2012a21987
102*GP ThorpeSurrey v Yorkshire1994a8811
101  RG LumbYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1976a1786
101  MG BevanYorkshire v Worcestershire1995a9368







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