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Headingley, Leeds - Four Wickets in an Innings in Twenty20 matches

6-19TT BresnanYorkshire v Lancashire2017tt6413
5-19Azeem RafiqYorkshire v Northamptonshire2017tt6433
5-21JA BrooksYorkshire v Leicestershire2013tt3696
5-22MD FisherYorkshire v Derbyshire2015tt4900
4-9CK LangeveldtDerbyshire v Yorkshire2008tt918
4-19JS PatelWarwickshire v Yorkshire2014tt4455
4-19AU RashidYorkshire v Durham2017tt6362
4-20RM PyrahYorkshire v Durham2008tt969
4-20AU RashidYorkshire v Leicestershire2010tt1811
4-21J NeedhamDerbyshire v Yorkshire2009tt1342
4-21RM PyrahYorkshire v Worcestershire2011tt2225
4-21JA BrooksYorkshire v Derbyshire2013tt3661
4-23Naved-ul-HasanYorkshire v Nottinghamshire2009tt1280
4-23MW ParkinsonLancashire v Yorkshire2017tt6413
4-25IG ButlerNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire2014tt4320
4-26AU RashidYorkshire v Lancashire2011tt2250
4-30SA PattersonYorkshire v Lancashire2010tt1771
4-33CJ McKayYorkshire v Derbyshire2010tt1729
4-38SJ HarmisonDurham v Yorkshire2008tt969







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