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Headingley, Leeds - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in Twenty20 matches

3CR TaylorYorkshire v Derbyshire2007tt702
3CJL RogersYorkshire v Derbyshire2009tt1342
3KHD BarkerYorkshire v Warwickshire2011tt2211
3AB McDonaldYorkshire v Leicestershire2011tt2318
3JJ CobbYorkshire v Leicestershire2011tt2318
3GJ MuchallYorkshire v Durham2012tt2969
3GS BallanceLeicestershire v Yorkshire2012tt2977
3WJ DurstonYorkshire v Derbyshire2012tt3047
3GS BallanceWorcestershire v Yorkshire2012tt3056
3RM PyrahDerbyshire v Yorkshire2015tt4900
3A LythLancashire v Yorkshire2016tt5794
3MJ RichardsonYorkshire v Durham2016tt5840
3JA LeaningWorcestershire v Yorkshire2017tt6355
3LS LivingstoneYorkshire v Lancashire2017tt6413
3LE PlunkettNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire2017tt6433
2CEW SilverwoodDurham v Yorkshire2003tt27
2PJ FranksYorkshire v Nottinghamshire2003tt45
2MJ WoodNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2003tt45
2MB LoyeYorkshire v Lancashire2005tt176
2GJ SmithYorkshire v Nottinghamshire2005tt219
2HD AckermanYorkshire v Leicestershire2006tt419
2CW HendersonYorkshire v Leicestershire2006tt419
2DL MaddyYorkshire v Leicestershire2006tt419
2RKJ DawsonLancashire v Yorkshire2006tt435
2AW GaleNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2007tt693
2JN GillespieDerbyshire v Yorkshire2007tt702
2R ClarkeYorkshire v Derbyshire2008tt918
2AR AdamsYorkshire v Nottinghamshire2008tt927
2RM PyrahNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2008tt927
2RM PyrahLancashire v Yorkshire2008tt947
2MJ Di VenutoYorkshire v Durham2008tt969
2WA WhiteYorkshire v Leicestershire2009tt1221
2A ShahzadDerbyshire v Yorkshire2009tt1342
2CF HughesYorkshire v Derbyshire2010tt1729
2AW GaleNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire2010tt1762
2TC SmithYorkshire v Lancashire2010tt1771
2RM PyrahLancashire v Yorkshire2010tt1771
2TL BestLancashire v Yorkshire2010tt1771
2MM AliYorkshire v Worcestershire2010tt1790
2A McGrathWorcestershire v Yorkshire2010tt1790
2A McGrathNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2010tt1796
2R ClarkeYorkshire v Warwickshire2011tt2211
2MJ GuptillYorkshire v Derbyshire2011tt2256
2A LythNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2011tt2310
2RJ SidebottomLeicestershire v Yorkshire2011tt2318
2JJ CobbYorkshire v Leicestershire2012tt2977
2TC SmithYorkshire v Lancashire2012tt3022
2Azeem RafiqDerbyshire v Yorkshire2013tt3661
2DM HodgsonNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2013tt3737
2SR PatelYorkshire v Nottinghamshire2013tt3737
2AJ FinchLeicestershire v Yorkshire2014tt4414
2AJ FinchDurham v Yorkshire2014tt4417
2A LythDurham v Yorkshire2014tt4417
2SG BorthwickYorkshire v Durham2014tt4417
2AZ LeesNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2014tt4475
2MD FisherDerbyshire v Yorkshire2015tt4900
2KR BrownYorkshire v Lancashire2015tt4947
2JJ CobbYorkshire v Northamptonshire2015tt4962
2GJ MaxwellNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2015tt4976
2TT BresnanDurham v Yorkshire2015tt5041
2RA WhiteleyYorkshire v Worcestershire2015tt5065
2AZ LeesWarwickshire v Yorkshire2015tt5112
2JA LeaningWarwickshire v Yorkshire2015tt5112
2BO CoadLeicestershire v Yorkshire2016tt5731
2Azeem RafiqDerbyshire v Yorkshire2016tt5769
2J ClarkYorkshire v Lancashire2016tt5794
2K CarverLancashire v Yorkshire2016tt5794
2JA LeaningLancashire v Yorkshire2016tt5794
2WTS PorterfieldYorkshire v Warwickshire2016tt5813
2S PrasannaYorkshire v Northamptonshire2016tt5852
2DJ WilleyNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire2016tt5852
2MJ LumbYorkshire v Nottinghamshire2017tt6312
2AU RashidNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2017tt6312
2DJ WilleyNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2017tt6312
2BO CoadWarwickshire v Yorkshire2017tt6349
2K CarverWorcestershire v Yorkshire2017tt6355
2P CoughlinYorkshire v Durham2017tt6362
2A LythDerbyshire v Yorkshire2017tt6383
2SJ CroftYorkshire v Lancashire2017tt6413
2AM LilleyYorkshire v Lancashire2017tt6413
2JA LeaningLancashire v Yorkshire2017tt6413
2T Kohler-CadmoreLancashire v Yorkshire2017tt6413







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