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Headingley, Leeds - Highest Partnership for Each Wicket in Twenty20 matches

  1167  BJ Hodge & DL MaddyLeicestershire v Yorkshire2004tt84
  2149  GM Smith & WW HindsDerbyshire v Yorkshire2008tt918
  3101  AJ Hodd & GJ MaxwellYorkshire v Nottinghamshire2015tt4976
  493  PA Jaques & TT BresnanYorkshire v Leicestershire2004tt84
  597  JM Bairstow & JA LeaningYorkshire v Durham2015tt5041
  665*LJ Evans & A JavidWarwickshire v Yorkshire2014tt4455
  768*TT Bresnan & AU RashidYorkshire v Warwickshire2014tt4455
  859  U Arshad & SG BorthwickDurham v Yorkshire2016tt5840
  935*NC Phillips & N KilleenDurham v Yorkshire2003tt27
1030  J Clark & G KeedyLancashire v Yorkshire2011tt2250







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