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Headingley, Leeds - Most Wickets in a Match in Test cricket

15-99C BlytheEngland v South Africa1907t94
11-65GAR LockEngland v New Zealand1958t456
11-85CG MacartneyAustralia v England1909t103
11-88FS TruemanEngland v Australia1961t509
11-113JC LakerEngland v Australia1956t427
10-45JM AndersonEngland v Sri Lanka2016t2203
10-77Imran KhanPakistan v England1987t1077
10-82DL UnderwoodEngland v Australia1972t701
10-115SF BarnesEngland v South Africa1912t124
10-122WJ O'ReillyAustralia v England1938t265
10-132GP SwannEngland v New Zealand2013t2089
10-144BL CairnsNew Zealand v England1983t958
10-151TM AldermanAustralia v England1989t1121
10-207AP FreemanEngland v South Africa1929t183







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