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Headingley, Leeds - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Innings in Test cricket

5Wasim BariEngland v Pakistan1971t689
5DL MurrayEngland v West Indies1976t780
5AC GilchristEngland v Australia2001t1556
5MV BoucherEngland v South Africa2008t1881
5BB McCullumEngland v New Zealand2013t2089
4AFA LilleySouth Africa v England1907t94
4WAS OldfieldEngland v Australia1934t236
4R SwetmanIndia v England1959t476
4APE KnottAustralia v England1968t640
4TM FindlayEngland v West Indies1969t655
4APE KnottWest Indies v England1969t655
4APE KnottPakistan v England1971t689
4RW MarshEngland v Australia1981t905
4RW TaylorAustralia v England1981t905
4IDS SmithEngland v New Zealand1983t958
4KS MoreEngland v India1986t1047
4Saleem YousufEngland v Pakistan1987t1077
4PJL DujonEngland v West Indies1988t1101
4PJL DujonEngland v West Indies1991t1171
4MV BoucherEngland v South Africa1998t1422
4RD JacobsEngland v West Indies2000t1508
4AJ StewartSouth Africa v England2003t1656
4MV BoucherEngland v South Africa2003t1656
4MV BoucherEngland v South Africa2008t1881
4MJ PriorSri Lanka v England2014t2126
4LD ChandimalEngland v Sri Lanka2014t2126







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