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Headingley, Leeds - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in Test cricket

4AW GreigPakistan v England1974t742
4GA HickPakistan v England1992t1192
3AW NourseEngland v South Africa1912t124
3WJ EdrichNew Zealand v England1949t314
3AJ WatkinsIndia v England1952t351
3GS RamchandEngland v India1952t351
3GAR LockAustralia v England1953t375
3DB CloseIndia v England1959t476
3R IllingworthAustralia v England1972t701
3HJ HowarthEngland v New Zealand1973t724
3GS ChappellEngland v Australia1975t762
3BM McMillanEngland v South Africa1994t1264
3MA AthertonPakistan v England1996t1331
3GS BlewettEngland v Australia1997t1373
3ME WaughEngland v Australia1997t1373
3V SehwagEngland v India2002t1613
3RS DravidEngland v India2002t1613
3V SehwagEngland v India2002t1613
3SP FlemingEngland v New Zealand2004t1702
3AN CookSouth Africa v England2012t2051
3GC SmithEngland v South Africa2012t2051
3IR BellNew Zealand v England2013t2089
3BKG MendisEngland v Sri Lanka2016t2203







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