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Headingley, Leeds - Four Wickets in an Innings in ODI cricket

7-36Waqar YounisPakistan v England2001o1724
7-51WW DavisWest Indies v Australia1983o201
6-14GJ GilmourAustralia v England1975o31
5-34DK LilleeAustralia v Pakistan1975o19
5-39ALF de MelSri Lanka v Pakistan1983o212
5-44Abdul QadirPakistan v Sri Lanka1983o212
4-15M HendrickEngland v Pakistan1979o69
4-29RM HoggAustralia v England1981o121
4-29A FlintoffEngland v Bangladesh2005o2255
4-34PD CollingwoodEngland v Australia2005o2259
4-38CR WoakesEngland v South Africa2017o3872
4-40Wasim AkramPakistan v Australia1999o1457
4-44SL MalingaSri Lanka v England2006o2389
4-49PJ CumminsAustralia v England2015o3683
4-56IT BothamEngland v India1982o152
4-81SCJ BroadEngland v Pakistan2010o3044







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