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Headingley, Leeds - Highest Team Totals in ODI cricket

339-6England v South Africa2017o3872
324-2Sri Lanka v England2006o2389
324-6India v England2007o2618
321-7England v Sri Lanka2006o2389
309-5Sri Lanka v England2011o3167
304-7England v Australia2015o3683
299-7Australia v England2015o3683
298-6New Zealand v England1990o632
295-6England v New Zealand1990o632
295-6England v Pakistan2010o3044
294-7England v India2014o3525
294-8Pakistan v England2010o3044
278-7Australia v Pakistan1975o19
275-4England v South Africa2008o2748
275-8Pakistan v Australia1999o1457
272-5Australia v South Africa1999o1481
271-7South Africa v Australia1999o1481
267South Africa v England2017o3872
266-6England v India1974o12
265India v England1974o12
265Australia v Pakistan1999o1457
255South Africa v England2008o2748
253India v England2014o3525
252-6England v Pakistan2016o3775
252-9West Indies v Australia1983o201







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